2021 Taco Lease End Move - Wrangler 4xe worth it (to hold)?

I’ve got a 2021 Taco SR Double cab (15k miles) lease ending in February with $27,000 in residual value. I was initially considering another Taco - driving around in a hilariously underpowered four cylinder kept me out of a lot of trouble - but it looks like the redesign is 2024 and lease prices are way up (obviously like everything).

My partner wants to get a Wrangler 4xe (to hold, not flip) to utilize the $7,500 incentive before year-end. It looks like the numbers to lease/finance have been shooting up as interest rates rise - are they still a decent bang for the buck? If so, is there a clear winner between a lease or purchase? We drive city miles here in Austin and then go out of town on the weekends so mileage allowance isn’t really a concern.

Thanks in advance for any input. I haven’t followed the boards closely since I got my Taco deal in 2021 (thank you Hackers!) but wow, the times and prices have changed!

I think 4xE is still a great deal, and one of the few worth leasing in a sea of buys, the way things are now. Also look into Frontiers…they’re having the stop sale lifted, but they aren’t as much fun to trip around in like a Jeep.

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Great, thank you!

If you go that route, look into leasing and then refinancing into a traditional auto loan or balloon loan. There might be some in-stock deals to be had.

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I’m in the exact same boat but my lease isn’t up until 7/24. I wish I hadn’t balked at the good 4xe deals from earlier this year

Exactly, I had seen the Jeep deals earlier in the year but waited since I had a year left on a very cheap lease. Regretting that now.

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