2021 Stinger Facelift

As many of you know there has been a huge buzz about what Kia is going to do with the Stinger. A lot of rumors of them canceling the production of the Stinger have been floating around however, Kia decided to perform some slight changes to the new model (including replacing their 2.0 finally). What do you guys think about the small changes? Anything that you personally wanted to see differently? Would it be a tough sell against the G70?

Changes that I have noticed:
No more small digital dash, min 6’’ should be available on base trims.
Infotainment system screen has received a huge updated with software/new screen size (similar to K5)
New 2.5 engine replacing the outgoing GT-Line 2.0
New 18 and 19’’ wheels have been added.
One single tail-lamp (Audi like)
New turn signals (rear end)
Mufflers are huge now compared to older Stinger (reminds me of TLX A Spec a bit)

Looks great. And up to $7700 in incentives!

Back to fake exhaust tips trend again I see, looks great until you take a closer look.

I wonder if those hood vents are functional.

The vents and exhaust tips were never actually functional. They were always faux.

Source: I owned one.

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My understanding is that the 2.0L continues to as the base engine and that the 2.5L will actually be a third engine added to the US line.

That actually would be Interesting to see where it would fit into the price range compared to the 2.0 and the 3.3.

So true, hence the aftermarket real vents sold on k8

Figured that, understandable on the hood vents and side vents, but would have liked to see them do better on the exhaust tips.

Side vents have always been functional on the Stinger as far as I remember (might be wrong)

I would be surprised if the exhaust itself was was changed for the update. I was disappointed to see the exhaust tips were fake when I got the car, but I’m happy to see they are physically bigger this time around. If they’re going to be fake, at least they look bigger.

The side vents ARE actually functional. Air is ducted to the brakes and then passes through the side vents as air curtains.

Interesting - wonder what these leases will look like. Seems like the GT2 trim for 24/10mo is the sweet spot according to the write-ups.

Soooo did u like your stinger or what? Would you recommend it over an Audi S4?

Yes, I guess in that regard you are right, but it looks very odd when you hit the right angle or up close. I feel like the integration of something smaller than the fake tip and bigger than the real tip would be a perfect blend, the rear diffuser style bumper looks good, assuming that’s not functional due to the honeycomb style layout?

I assumed you meant both vents weren’t functional but you were just referring to the hood, makes sense.

Were I trying to only spend under 40k on a car I the segment, I would stick to the stinger. If money was no object, I would do S5 Sportback, no question.

Stinger simply can’t compete with the refinement, tuning, and interior quality of the S5/4 siblings.

Motor Trend, Car and Driver and a few others now report that it’s 2022 MY that will get a facelift, not 2021.


I didn’t know about the fake tips, i will say this update looks great especially the nav screen and the quilted red leather. Still wouldn’t trade my M340I for that unless i was getting it for 40k tops.