2021 SQ5 Recent Signings?

Anyone had any recent 2021 SQ5 deals done? What should I be shooting for % off on these realistically

Search the forum.

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Didnt really see any, only 2020s

Then nobody has leased one recently. It’s unlikely that someone wouldn’t post their lease deal on a forum with that exact purpose. Go through the process and try for one to see how they lease

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Currently working on a deal for one. Prem Plus leases better, but I want the Prestige

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@West - You could take a look a broker deals in the “Marketplace”.

Would you care to share the pre-incentive discount you are being offered on the P+? Anything more than 8% off before incentives would be a good deal on a 2021, IMO.

10% or so on a Prestige with the $1k rebate is what I’m seeing on a loaded Prestige ($70k MSRP)

Basically the payments are about 1.1% of that MSRP

So pre-incentive discount is more like 8.5% off MSRP.

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