2021 RDX FWD Advance Package

2021 Acura RDX FWD Advance Package
Monthly : $460
Drive off : $3460( includes upfront Tax)

Is this a good deal.

Is that MF buyrate according to what Edmunds gave?

Is that $1500 loyalty or another qualification based incentive? There may be other incentives baked into the selling price. What did Edmunds give you for the incentives?

You’re missing the acq from your calc.

7.9% pre-incentive discount seems weak. Double check the incentives with Edmunds to ensure 7.9% is even accurate.

To summarize, on the face of it, no.

@Sonic19 Thanks for the reply. MF and Residual according to Edmunds.
Selling Price given by the dealer

$460 per month and $3460 due at signing . This was the deal

Fix your tags.

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