2021 Ram Total Loss

I was in a car accident (not-at fault) recently. My car was a 2021 Ram. USAA have declared the vehicle a total loss. I leased the vehicle through Chrysler Capital and have a payoff of 43k. USAA is settling out my loss for 54k. I am trying to figure out would I get the difference out of the settlement? I know this question has been asked before but the only ones I could find were for different auto manufacturers.

Has anyone had an experience with Chrysler Capital dealing with total losses? Thanks!

First place to start is by looking at what your lease contract says. They usually stipulate how this is handled.

Unfortunately the ram is impounded during the accident reconstruction because the driver who was at fault died and the lease contract is in the vehicle.

Friend of mine just totalled his 4xe a month ago. Insurance company appraised it for market value. Paid off his CCAP loan and cut him a check for the difference.
Heres where it gets interesting, insurance also paid the full sales tax on the loan even though his car was a lease!
Fat check to say the least


Time to find some snowy off-ramps again :rofl:


It depends on the insurance company.

Call yours and ask for the difference.

Family member also got a payoff from insurance company in the summer on a total loss. Acura MDX

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Do you we need to start checking carmax autonation and Geico now?


“driver who was at fault died”
Kinda buried the headline there.


More Dodge, Less Ram?


Wrong way driver on I-93 at 230am in the middle of a blizzard.


Sorry to hear that. Not a fun experience to have to go through.

Sorry to hear that - wish you the best.

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Insurance is regulated at the state level, that’s going to be a major determinant of who gets the funds.

State law takes precedence over the contract if they differ.

Lease documents should be available on your online CCAP portal…at least several mfr’s have that. No personal exp with CCAP but with the 900 4Xe’s everyone on here has received I’d imagine someone can chime in.

This is grim. Even for LH.

A human being is dead. How much can I profit!?!?


Was this the Tahoe near Dorchester that hit the bus? Looked crazy!

Oh my, the wrong way driver in a Tahoe against a RAM didn’t survive.

Better start looking at the RAM …


Terrible situation that a life was lost, but why are folks out in the middle of the night on the interstate during a frikken blizzard?

This wasn’t a storm that just popped up out of nowhere.

Count your blessings you’re alive and in one piece.

Go to church, yeshiva, mosque or wherever it is you pray to, and say your prayer. Please stay off the roads during dangerous conditions.

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