2021 Q3 45 Premium Plus fully loaded Demo (purchase)

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Looking for feedback on this deal for a fully loaded q3 purchase. This is a demo car with 2k miles.

New MSRP: 47,320
Listed price for demo: 43,890
Selling price: 41,500

Not a lease, but would love feedback on people’s experience getting discounts on demo cars.

Is there any specific reason you are looking to purchase a demo rather than a CPO?

Purely an inventory issue. Looking for 2021 and exclusively 45 s black optic and 20 inch rims

Is there a benefit with CPO I’m overlooking?

Typically cpos have a longer warranty term

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I imagine they’re suggesting CPO so you save more $

buy the car . great deal


@Samaudibh I was able to get an friends and family certificate which makes this deal less attractive. Do you know if there’s any way to apply the certificate to a demo car?

F/F certificates are only good for new cars . Hopefully you can find a dealer who will honor it.

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