2021 Nissan Titan S 4x2 FWD

18 months/10K
RV: 86%
MF: 0.0014

MSRP: 42,270
Selling Price : 37,270
Gov. Fee : 455.09
Doc. fee: 85
Shield: 955
Portfolio etch: 249
Gross cap reduction: 679.93
Cap cost reduction: 679.93
Adjusted cap cos: 39,024.17
Paid by customer: 1,000 (my salesguy couldn’t change the number but my DAS is 2K)

The salesguy said my monthly with taxes is $196 with $2000 DAS with first month lease is included
Good deal or so so for 18 months?

Where do I plug in the cap cost reduction in the calculator?

good deal on the 10% off MSRP

Front Drive?

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He meant rear :rofl:

Oops… just checked my texts conversation, it is front wheel drive… :upside_down_face:

This in so cal?
Titans are rear wheel drive

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Next new pick up hack on LH? This looks juicy .

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The truck is at their sister lot somewhere in NorCal so need to do dealer transfer first.

Do they have another one available?
I’ll take it. :joy:

Do you know if short lease like this is flip-able? I think I read somewhere here Nissan finance is hard to deal with.

They gave me two colors to chose from, red or black. But I am still waiting for the final written document before picking it up.

What are these add-ons? Ask the dealer if they can be removed from the car/deal.

Nissans are not flippable. This is a grab a full size truck for cheap and drive for 18 months and dump back to Nissan kinda thing.


Most of your payment is wrapped up in Tax Title License, so if you flip it the equity is like $100.

But wow a Titan for less than a Frontier…very nice.

If they are taking 5k off sticker (unless there’s some kind of factory incentive involved) I think they probably need to keep F&I happy somehow. Any word on whether VPP can be stacked with this, if it hasn’t already been applied?

I’ll take the red one
Tell them to do a double deal

Here we go again with correcting Forbs’ misinformation. Just another Thursday on LH.

Govt fees are $455 upfront for reg and $17/month in tax. Those two combined are a total of high 700s for the duration of the lease. Nowhere close to being the majority of the $5,3xx total lease cost.

Besides, TTL as a percentage of total lease cost doesn’t define equity any way. It all depends on what’s the highest buyout offer relative to the net cap cost.

Here we go again with MAX_G trolling me again.
Read the calculator…its at least $2934 in TTL
Out of the total Lease of $5310, That leaves $1979 in actual payments on the car.

If he flips month 1 , he has put in $132 toward his selling price. Hence my chuckle of There’s like $100. If he meant flippable as in The $5000 discount that he got off MSRP, then attack me that way you troll. I meant he has put around $100 into the truck and that’s why I did my statement of $100

It was slightly in jest and slightly serious, but you seem to think just because I was wrong in the past, you like to pick apart my posts. Hows that TTL = $3000 argument going so far?

For a ‘Trusted Hackr’ max_g you are really a big troll.

I like the red one too…

I don’t know if my LH calculation is correct but it is pretty close to their estimated.
I don’t even know where to plug in the cost cap reduction …:man_shrugging: