2021 Mini Hardtop 2 door - Cooper - NJ - Deal Check


Hello hackrs!

I am looking to get a Mini hardtop 2 door. Based on my couple of conversation with folks here, it seems it is best to lease and not finance it. Before I start looking at edmunds and build a deal, wanted to know if anyone here has got Mini recently and what is the target price range I should aim for with taxes/reg as initial payment? I am located in NJ. Appreciate any help in this. Thanks!

Check the “Share Deals Section” or possibly see if any are being advertised in Marketplace or Transfers.

It is not in the marketplace. I looked at Transfers but prob did a quick scan so may have missed, will look again.

I am getting the following deal on Mini, can anyone please confirm what is the avg. discount I can expect on the Mini?

Zip - NJ
Selling price - $26,640
MF - 0.00090
RV - $15,339.50 (I got RV of 62% from edmunds. This is 57%, not sure if this how they are upcharging me )

36 months/15k miles per year with 2500 down, $371.40/month (no down will be $441)
36 months/15k miles per year with 2000 down, $386.48/month (no down will be $442)

Taxes and fees separate. I got the following breakdown.

$925 Bank fee
$699 Doc fee
$199 Etch fee (this is something I plan to ask to take off)
$229.50 DMV fees
$2052.50 Taxes. (wrong value provided by the dealership)

Not sure if this warrants a separate post since I am asking about fees but over the past few days different dealers in NJ have added the following fees which I think is just pointless (except the tire fee) but I want to double confirm with the community

Nitro Fill Fee
Tire Fee (checked NJ tax website and seems there is a charge of $1.50 per tire so this is a valid charge)
Etch Fee

Hi There for 2021 you are not going to get much of a discount maybe 5% off MSRP and then only 1K in incentive. Personally I would and have been working for a friend to try and find a leftover 2020 for her. The deals I’ve been getting back are around 10% off MSRP before the 2K incentive, but its slim pickings on inventory. As for RV they can’t mess with that, you should double check if you are looking at the RV for a 2020 or 2021 on Edmunds, they are different. Also make sure you are referencing the exact same model.

Mini Coopers are probably best to buy CPO or used. Also, make sure this is the car you want, they are pretty expensive for what they are IMO and not that comfortable IMO. There’s also no place to put your phone and the cup holders are too small for a phone or a bottle of coke or an iced coffee…