2021 Mercedes Benz C300 4Matic Cabriolet (Convertible)

Hey All -

Since the new year I’ve been deal searching for a relatively hard car to find, 2021 Mercedes Benz C300 4Matic Cabriolet (Convertible). A few interesting ones have crossed my path in NY and NJ but most are oddly built.

After surfing the leasehackr forum I haven’t had much luck seeing members/brokers posts on deals also haven’t seen many MB incentives (dealer/manufacturer/loyalty).

Knowing MB is notorious for not generous leases I’m seeking advice. Primarily looking for current/past experience negotiating a MB Convertible and where the community has seen success on negotiating % off MSRP and any other factors.

For reference, car will be registered in NY.

According to Edmunds Forum:
MF: .00083
RF: 52% residual
No lease incentives
No loyalty

Any help is appreciated!

This sounds like a painful uphill battle. Have you looked at what the lease works out to assuming even a modest, say 5% pre-incentive, discount?

I have played around with the calculator, hasn’t been anything pretty. Even with a 10% MSRP discount its looking ugly…

That’s basically what I was getting at. The lease programs here may be so painful that the size of the boulder you’re pushing up a hill is just too big. If a really aggressive discount doesn’t get you there, it probably isn’t worth the effort of trying to figure out what the “real” target discount amount should be.

Sadly agree with that. Wondering if MB will add some sort of incentives to get cars moving

the verts seem like they generally are poor lease candidates. My guess is they make them in low enough volume that they don’t really need to incentivize them to get enough out the door. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Was thinking the exact same, must be a MB thing. Only problem is - nothing drives smoother then a Benz …

Appreciate the commentary @mllcb42!

Sadly, if you need one, it may be a better purchase than a lease. Or you’ll just have to face the music that you have to pay to play.

Glad I could help.

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