2021 MB GLS450 - only $1,000 off is real?

Hi folks,

I am thinking of doing a custom order since there are few availabilty in the most inventories.

Just got back from a couple of dealerships in SOCAL and figured out that maximum incentive for 2021 GLS450 would be $1,000 from MSRP + fleet if any. They said they are even selling over the price from the window sticker recently.

I kinda understand due to the shortage in nationwide but is this real? Any thoughts?

See what SoCal brokers are offering.

My vague recollection is that the GLE has been going for near MSRP, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the GLS were doing the same.


Paging @Calvin.MB to confirm on GLS

You are not dreaming: you are shopping for a lease in probably the worst seller’s market in a very, very long time.

If you can wait, I would.

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Pretty much out of GLS. Sticker is easier


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