2021 Mazda CX5 GT Lease deal

Hi Hackrs, I received an offer from dealership in Denver about this 2021 Mazda CX5 GT AWD model.
Not sure if it’s a fair deal? I don’t have loyalty incentives. I’ve got another offer that’s worse and asked me to put down 4k.

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What are the MSRP and the pre-incentive selling price?

Also check MF, RV and any available incentives for your zip on Edmunds.

2021? That looks like MSRP to me.

32791 should be the MSRP

what about taxes? Don’t see anything on the deal sheet…

That’s a horrible deal.

Check out the deals on here, I did one a couple months ago for a 2020 GT with the premium package 0 DAS for $345/month. I’ve seen several other similar deals posted since, should give you an idea of what to be looking for.

2020 vs 2021 differences?

Just the infotainment system, which is big for CX-5. Old one was laggy/buggy.

Thats important to me, my cx9 had a buggy one as well

That’s the gross cap cost on your sheet, not the MSRP.