2021 Mazda CX-9 Touring FWD Deal Check

Hi, I got a couple of quotes on the 2021 Mazda CX-9 Touring FWD, no options. The MSRP is $36,850. This is for a 36 month, 15k miles per year lease. Zip 78201.

These are the numbers from the dealership:
Dealership Price: $34,500
Rebate: $720
Selling Price: $33,780
Downpayment: $0
Acq Fee: $650
Doc Fee: $150
Residual (57%): $21,004
MF: 0.00021
Monthly Payment: $393.84

I’m calculating the total cost of the term to be $16,442.

Would you say this is a good deal for this vehicle?

I’m still negotiating with the sales guy, but I just want to get an understanding for how low I can target. The numbers online for this vehicle all show different prices, so I can’t pinpoint where I need to be. I asked for Sales Tax Credit, but he said that Mazda don’t give that anymore now that they are financing with Toyota Motor Finance.

Understanding that deals are local, I was able to negotiate about 8% off MSRP on my 2021 Grand Touring AWD in Michigan. I take delivery tomorrow but my monthly payment is $419 with close to “zero down” - minor CCR ($150). The MSRP is close to $10,000 more than your vehicle. I think you should be able to negotiate that selling price down.

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This is at least the 4th crossover you’ve asked the same question about since November.

What have you learned so far about how to evaluate a deal?

Thanks, that helps. I’ve got 6.3% off MSRP right now, so I’ll try and get it down some more.

The dealer discount on this is $0.

It’s the 3rd. But to answer your question, I’ve learnt that it takes reaching out to a good amount of dealerships, which I’m doing. Have reached out to dealerships in Houston, Waco and Austin. Will be reaching out to Dallas as well. Been doing research about the car, will do some more. Got any more feedback on what I can do better?

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No it isn’t, the msrp is hidden in the text at the top of the post. I thought the same when I first saw it

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I’m getting my eyeballs tuned up on Monday.

If you ever find yourself with a dealer offer in hand, asking “is this a good deal?”, you have failed to do your homework and are setting yourself up for a poor deal.

Do not reach out to dealers until you know exactly what price you’re trying to achieve.

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