2021 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring - deal guidance

Considering lease of CX-9 Grand Touring - fwd is about $43K car and AWD is $45K. I am in North Carolina. Reason I am looking at this car is I want a fun yet practical SUV for $400/month.

I have checked Edmunds MF and RV - both are good. I don’t see much for factory incentives. Looking for guidance on what I realistically should get dealer to discount off msrp for this SUV? Feels like I should be able to get close to $400 payment with just first month down…but I haven’t been able to get near that yet.

Appreciate any thoughts!

What pre-incentive discount is required to get you there?

About 10% gets me there but not seeing more than 5% in my initial attempts.

What have you found when searching comparable deals here?

Most cars do not lease well. This is truer now than it has ever been.

So unless you are willing to push this boulder uphill, you need to look at other makes/models that lease better and offer more value per dollar.

Check out the “Share a Deal” and “Marketplace” sections of LH forums to see what’s leasing well and narrow down your search.

It’s worth mentioning that because of packaging and the cx9 somehow managing to be the opposite of a Tardis, it’s pretty much the least practical 3 row suv on the market.

Thanks all for the guidance.