2021 Mazda CX-5 Touring with SV Preferred Package, MSRP $31,145, $325 per month, $1,500 DAS

Signed: 2021 Mazda CX-5 Touring with SV Preferred Package
Deep Crystal Blue Mica/Parchment Interior
MSRP: $31,145
36/10k lease
$325 per month, $1,500 DAS
Zero rebates available for me :frowning:
Region: NC

Horrible environment to get a good lease. Last year in June I got 2020 V60 CC with MSRP of $48k for $275 per month with zero down(36/10k). Given the huge equity I have in the V60 CC, I will part ways with my beloved Volvo later this month and replace it with the CX5. I like a lot how the CX5 drives, very crisp and sporty little SUV. Like the color combo as well.

Great work!

How was that V60, it looks like a great car?

2020 V60 CC is a superb drive, but I can not let $8-$10k equity get away.

Were you able to sell the Volvo lease easily? I have read that it us is tricky

I am in the process of selling it to Carvana, but first need to buy it from Volvo. Have to pay taxes on the payoff amount, no way around it, but Carvana quote is really good, so it is a no brainer. We have instant title issuance here in NC, so hopefully I can finish the whole process in 10 days. Volvo promised to send me the title and bill of sale within 1 week (mailed overnight the check, they need 2-3 business days to close the acct and post official payoff date).

I am in a similar position and associated run around with my Alfa (Ally)!
Good luck!

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I’d say in this market that is a smashing deal. Getting quoted over that for monthly and DAS on CX-30s in my market.

Yep, very, very frustrating. I tried more than 10 dealers, it took me two weeks until I finally got a reasonable offer. Chose Mazda CX 5 , since this was the only vehicle with some solid numbers available on the dealers lots here in NC. Tried Volvo and Lexus, but they would not bulge at all. Even Volvo, where I can claim three rebates, quoted me north of 450 per month for 40k S60. Even freaking Hyundai would not agree on a lease for less than 370 per month on a Sonata SEL.

Wow… Sonata also ???