2021 Mazda CX-5 Deal Check

Hello can you please let me know if this is a good deal. This is in Las Vegas, NV 89156

Grand touring?

Touring AWD

too high.

Have you checked MF & RV in your area on Edmunds forum?

Do you qualify for Mazda loyalty?

Have you checked market place for offers in your area?

Not sure how things are in NV local but have seen GT-R & Signatures going for around or less than $500

I’ve never seen one of these printed up until after the deal is signed, or about to be signed.

Taking ubers for the next three years would probably have cost less when you factor in insurance and gas. Plus tires, maintenance and possible damage.

Must have been some serious markup on this, don’t tourings top out at like 30k msrp?

That is horrible. I had a touring a few years ago and was paying half that. I have a grand touring with preferred package and pay $345 a month.

You’re getting taken for a ride on this one.

Run far away.

Also someone just posted at $45,000 cx9 in shared deals for $460 per month if that puts it in perspective.

this is terrible.
in may I got cx-5 gt with premium package for 305 a month, right now they can be found for 360 a month.

I think that this person signed already. Usually they do not provide this kind of breakdown for a quote.

I leased a Mazda 6 in Vegas a few years ago. I have a salesperson that I can recommend. Please PM if interested.

It doesn’t matter what happened even last months albeit few years ago.

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Too late to ask that question after the deal signed.
Enjoy the ride, learn how to make it better next time.
No need to dwell on buyers remorse.

Well… unless dealship stuffed this contract with some extender warranty and other crap that you have 30 days to cancel - try that.

As others are saying this does not seem to be a good deal. I’ve seen CX-5 deals (with higher MSRPs) posted in July and August with total lease payments totaling $13k-$15k vs the $23k here.

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yes its a complete sentence


OP, if you have signed enjoy. Otherwise, take a look at the broker deals in the marketplace. There’s at least a few brokers who offer Mazdas.

mazda koeppel in Queens, NY was offering me a carbon edition with AWD $435/month 36m/12k miles. Also new to leases but $599 is crazy high.

Please shop around. Heck, look at SoCal since you are in Vegas and 5 hrs away by car. Validate your MF and incentives from Edmunds forum by your zip code. $500 conquest, mazda loyalty, etc.

Immediately the $800 Resistal can go

Also validate your MSRP doesn’t have a bunch of dealer adders. Seems crazy high for a CX-5 Touring. There has to be a few grand of dealer yacht payment adders tacked on there…

Also, CX-5 inventory here in FL seems to have loosened a bit in the last few weeks. The Mazda 3’s and CX-30s are super tight, but the CX-9s and CX-5s suddenly seem plentiful.

Finally, consider purchasing. Avoiding the $650 acq fee and you might be eligible or zero or 1.9% financing. Your quote is showing $140 a month just in lease financing (rent) costs.

In short, do some homework and good luck.

That is a unicorn deal these days. I am in NY and contacted dealers all over the state and in PA and NJ and the best I was given for a GT was $412/month. Not terrible but I wouldn’t get anybody’s hopes up to stroll into a Mazda dealership and expect a bit over $350 to be the norm…

checkout this post

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