2021 Mazda CX-30 Select AWD Deep Blue Mica/Black Interior. 1100 mi/mo, 29 mos, $384/mo effective


No offense, (don’t mean to be a Richard) but how do you lease a car (in this environment/market) and realize the next day that it’s too small?

Wouldn’t you have picked up on this at the dealership or while roaming the showroom?

I just don’t get it sometimes…smh…

Anyways, GLWT!


I’ve driven a CX-5 for a while and decided to downsize, but didn’t realize how tight that back is with teenage kids…didn’t realize until I took my first carpool. You live and you learn. It is a solid car though otherwise, so in worst case I deal with it for next 2.5+ years. Thanks

Updated money down… Reduced to $2,500.

If you haven’t already tried it, give SAL a shot. You’ll get a bunch of low-ballers and tire kickers, but it’s a also a larger audience looking for a transfer.

Good luck!

Still available, if anyone is interested, I am willing to negotiate on the amount put down…PM me if interested. Thanks

Thanks for the advice!

Updated current mileage…great deal!

Great deal for someone interested in getting into a CX-30 with low monthly payments. PM me if interested. Thanks!

Willing to negotiate on the money down… If interested PM me with an offer… Thanks!

Put it on SAL, it should go there even with the money down.

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Thanks for the advice…I rather give it to someone here, as it’s a good deal, but will def look into posting it on SAL if there are no interested parties here.

You’ve bumped the thread 5+ times already in a month…so if you’re looking to move it here, it probably needs a big drop in the down payment. Effectively ~$400/mo for a small ~$27k MSRP Mazda doesn’t scream ‘great deal’.

Or, as others have suggested, try it on SAL which has a much wider market. Good luck.

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In this market you would be hard pressed to find a better deal than this for this car… especially if it is the color combo you are looking for…

Interested, sent you a PM.

Response sent…Thank you

Is this still available? Would you be able to do a out-of-state transfer to CT? Do you know the MSRP?

Thank you

Yes, and yes shouldn’t be an issue to transfer to CT…MSRP $26,790…pm me if interested.

How much is the buyout?

I believe the current pre-tax buyout is approx. $25,400.

Money down is negotiable…if interested feel free to PM me…Thanks