2021 Lexus RX350 F-sport lease

Hi Hackers - I was visiting my parents and on a whim decided to check out an RX350 F-Sport AWD. I had the dealer put together the attached spreadsheet for me, but this seems like a terrible deal in my opinion. I understand the market is crazy right now, but wanted to get some feedback to see if this seemed reasonable to anyone. The sales manager at the dealership told me she wasn’t going to “give me the car and take a loss.” I call BS because Lexus has $2,000 in lease incentive and then I qualify for an additional $1,000 in rebates.

Sticker - $61,455
Sales Price - $57,776
Rebates - $3,000
Final Sales Price - $54,776
Residual - 56% - (confirmed via edmunds)
MF - .00106 - (edmunds says it should be .00046)
GA Sales Tax of 6.6%
Dealer fee of $349
Acquisition fee $795
GA Fees $82
36 months/12k a year

0 down has a payment of $720.59
$1500 down - $697.37
$2000 down - $682.48

The math somehow doesn’t work for me. Thoughts? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Post your calculator

3% pre-incentive discount after normalizing for buy rate mf sounds awfully crappy, even in the current market.

Use the paper this offer was printed on as kindling to start a fire. Sit around the fire and put together a well researched target offer. Reach out to different dealers with that offer and don’t go in unless it’s to take delivery.


This is the garbage they gave me. I am visiting Greenville, SC where my parents are, but usually deal with a different dealer in Atlanta. They don’t have anything similar to this car in stock.

It’s not though, as their sheet includes $1100ish in trade equity rolled into that as well.

That’s, of course, assimg they’re even giving you a good price on your trade.

You really ought to separate those two transactions. How much does carvana quote to buy out your trade?

I didn’t feel like the trade number was too terrible. The best I got on it was $46k from Vroom. Carmax offered $44,900. Carvana was the lowest at $43k.

I did mention that I didn’t see that reflected and she sales manager got really snippy and told me this was their best offer and to take it or leave it. She seemed rather displeased I broke out an excel workbook and edmunds numbers.

Your bridge is already burned with this dealer. Just move on and approach the next dealer with your target price already established.

Yep - kind of figured that. I was shooting for 10% off MSRP, plus the $3,000 in incentives. She seemed appalled I thought that was reasonable. I think I will likely remove the GX from the transaction and go with the same numbers. Appreciate the feedback.

You might also look at some of the brokers on here for good comparisons as to what is doable in the current market conditions

We can do much much better! Reach out!

Thanks - just sent you a message.

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