2021 Kia Niro EV Premium Lease OK? $46125 MSRP, 24/12K, $0 Dn, $639/m, $11100 Discount

Wow, thanks alphawave7… great stuff. Not sure how I missed that before. I kept finding some sheet that only had Hyundai deals as the closest to what I was looking for. And thanks for the review thread. That pushed me over to top to contact Paul. Cheers!

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Yup. Tried that a number of times. They are not even close to being interested in talking about that. Felt like they were happy to wait for the next sucker to come along. I’m seeing that as their way to make up for the $920 they took off of the MSRP and it’s better than the $3K worth of crap I’ve seen other dealerships add on. And… I bet Paul knows how to get around that better than I.

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Is it me or it seems a lot for a Niro with all the incentives?



Did you try them? Looks like they have a 2020 for pretty cheap.


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Sorry, navidg, not sure who you are talking about. The link takes me to the Forum home page. Please excuse any noob-ish-ness.

Here you go.


Thanks! You guys have definitely sold me on trying out the brokers!

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OK guys, here is what ended up happening…

I leased a 2020 Kia Niro EV EX Premium from a dealer in Los Angeles . Got the second to last 2020 available. Based on a tip from one of you guys I called a salesman from that dealership and got a great looking deal done over texting for a 36/10k deal. I asked him to send me the offer for 24/12k. He said he was going to send it a couple of times, and then stopped communicating altogether. I took that as a sign that he had perhaps sold them, or just decided that maybe he could sell for more. I decided to take the risk, drive the 150 miles to the dealership and just see if I could get one with something close to the deal he had offered. Well, I went in and to my surprise, they pretty much gave me the same deal for 24/12K. I just missed out on one with the winter package, but since I live in central California, I figured I would not really need it that much anyway. So… here is the final deal:

MSRP: 45800
Rebates: $13500 + $1500 = $15000
Adjusted Cap Cost: $30900
Residual: $23800 (52%)
Money Factor: .00110
Down: $0
DAS: $3167
Monthly (24/12K): $385

Regarding the DAS, it seemed higher than I have seen before. They added a tax to the $15K rebate and told me that is what is done in CA. I’m still not sure about it, but the overall cost of the lease over the two years was the best I’ve seen, so I came away happy.

Oh, I also traded in my 2014 BMW i3. I kept the deals separate, negotiating the lease first. I wasn’t so sure they would give me a decent amount, but it was acceptable, probably because of the state of used car prices lately. They gave me $11K, $2500 less than I bought it for two years ago, so that was just fine with me, especially considering the convenience factor.

Overall, I came away happy with the deal and it’s pretty clear I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks all of you on Leasehackr! Keep up the great work!

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Just curious, how did that compare to the offers you got from Carvana, Carmax, shift, vroom, etc?


Effectively ~$500 for a Niro?


This is from @legendsauto yesterday (lower MSRP)
Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2022 NIRO EV EX

MSRP: $ 41xxx
Monthly Payment: $ 273+ tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 2k
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k

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There is a huge difference between the base and the premium model

This is correct

It was around $500 less than the quote I got from Vroom, which I trusted they would give me. Carvana quoted more than that, but it was obvious there was more of a process to go through, so I didn’t trust it would come out to that amount in the end.

Plus, the fact that I had to drive 150 miles to get to the dealership, meant that I would have had to drive back down with my wife to pick it up the next day, and then list it, and go through a much more rigorous process (each buyer eyeballing every last detail of the car) to sell it myself.

The dealership just plugged something into the OBD2 port and came back with the offer. They didn’t seem to care about anything else. They didn’t test drive it. They didn’t care if I had two keys. They didn’t care that all of the expensive tires were at the end of their lives. They didn’t ask any other questions. All of that ease was worth a lot to me.

OK thanks…

Yes, I contacted both brokers is SoCal and they had these good deals on EX models, but I really wanted Premium and was willing to pay for it. They also said there were no 2022 Premiums available and didn’t know for sure when they were coming in (chip shortage?!). And they also said they were out of 2020 and 2021 Premiums.

They upshot of this whole process (and coming to this website) is that I am sold on using, or at least checking with brokers. I will definitely use them next time if they can get the car I am looking for.

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Haha. Yes and I don’t blame you for not believing in the Niro EV EX Premium (can’t speak to the other models), but I bet you haven’t actually sat in one and test driven one. I owned a 2012 Kia Sportage and my wife has a 2013 Kia Soul, and while we loved these vehicles for the value we got, they look like they were created by 5 year olds compared to the Niro EV EX Premium.

Maybe it was my expectation level, given my experience with these older cars, but I swear, the first time I drove the EV EX Premium, I was so impressed with the interior fit and finish, I told the salesman that I felt like they were getting up to BMW levels (I’ve owned several). Kia is so far ahead of where they were even 5 years ago. You may want to check into them. Have you seen the new EV6 and the new upcoming Sportage, not to mention most of their new lineup? I may be a little biased, but Kia is on fire!

Oh, and also, isn’t it about the overall deal in the chip-shortage world we live in now, and not just about a typical “per month” number in a normal market? Sure, in a non-chip-shortage world, I could have gotten a better deal, but I doubt I could get a $15K rebate and no add-ons many other places nowadays. I just found the Monroney for this car and it had $7000 worth of markups and add-ons originally. And, have you seen the original deal at the top of the page I was asking about? Heck, the first place I went still has a $3000 straight markup on MSRP on a 2021 Premium, not to mention all of the add-ons they will try to throw in. Their original numbers were $2000 DAS and $740/month. Gad zooks!

No one is talking badly about the car… the price is the problem. $500/month for a Niro is a bad deal. Just got the Kona EV Ultimate for $200 less per month…

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I think the dig to the Niro was implied, and I blame no one if they are not familiar with this particular car.

That deal is super special and would not be dream-able for a Niro EV Premium in CA. As it sounds like is the case in NY (starting with 20 in stock!?!), Kona EVs are also pretty easy to find out here in CA (I wouldn’t go so far as to say, relatively speaking, they are a dime-a-dozen).

I also needed the extra cargo space of the Niro and the small back seat of the Kona EV is a deal breaker. Plus, on a subjective/aesthetics side, I don’t like the looks of the Kona, which is also a deal-breaker for me. So, I guess it’s all about location, inventory, space needs, aesthetic preferences, and as for your deal, a good bit of luck! Wish I had that same luck!

Hope you enjoy your EV as much as I am enjoying mine!

Yeah I think it was. I sat inside and/or test drove three different Kia Tellurides before ordering one so I’d say I’m quite familiar with the fit, finish and build quality of Kia’s nicer vehicles.

I suspect you got a little carried away based on (1) the excitement of comparing the quality to a Soul, and (2) comparing this offer to the absolute stinker you got first up.

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