2021 Kia Forte XE 12k $263/Mo including taxes with with first payment only MSRP $24,350 Chicagoland area


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2021, Kia, Forte, and XE:
MSRP: $243350
Selling Price:$19565
Monthly Payment: $263
Drive-Off Amount: $263
Annual Mileage:12,000
Incentives:$2350 included in the selling price.
Region: Midwest (Chicago southwest suburbs)
Leasehackr Score: 8.5
Leasehackr Calculator Link: Kia 2021 Forte XE

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You may want to check out Ethan’s Kia thread for reference.

We secured a 2021 LXS 12/36 for $129+ tax with $1000 DAS through Ethans dealer back in November. Not true Apples to Apples comparison but good reference.

Wow sounds very promising. I had to get the XE as we needed leathers seats and keyless start. I was not able to find shared deals for the EX on LH site for Jan 21. His initial offer was $298 a month. He only offer 5.5% dealer discount. I asked for 10% off and we agreed on the deal. I verified RV and MF. It should be fun car to drive for my kids. Today we had a snow storm in Chicago. I asked the dealer to keep it until Monday.

Dealers in my area are doing GT with GT1 package a little below your number. Might be worth seeing what numbers you can do on that and you get all the goodies but no CVT