2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe - Good Deal?

Good deal, OK, or bad? Hoping to close today if it’s a fair/good deal and would love experts’ input if possible.

  • Ohio 7% tax
  • 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe
  • Chrysler Capital lease
  • $7,500 PHEV tax credit applied as capital cost reduction
  • $66,485 MSRP
  • $59,655 purchase price
  • 61% residual
  • .00203 money factor
  • Tier 1 credit
  • $596.13 monthly
  • Dealer confirmed “cash offset” listed is paid by them and not by me ($0 down deal for me)
  • 15k/36 mos
  • Details attached
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I’ll let one of the more experienced hackers on here comment reference the numbers, but that discount you worked on the selling price is impressive. I’m also in OH, would you be willing to PM me what dealer you are going through?

Absolutely! Let me close the deal first (hopefully today!) then I will shoot it over :+1:

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Fantastic, thank you!

You’ve got about 10% off MSRP, the EV credit passed onto you and base Chrysler money factor. I think you’re in pretty good shape here as long as there are no dealer adds or finance office tricks going on.

Wow so a TOL Rubicon is going for about 600. And a base is about 4.

You might be able to flip that as soon as you get it for some $$$

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Thats an amazing deal, sign quick

Based on that residual you must be doing 15,000 miles a year correct?

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That’s correct, 15k/36 mos

Edit: added to original post for future clarity in case others read this

Looks like a go to me!

Also in Ohio and also interested in the dealer if you can pass their information along!

Someone lease me a 4xe for a deal that I don’t have to order!

It doesn’t make a huge difference, but can we assume this is a build that occurred prior to the MSRP increase?

Especially if it is for an in stock unit.

It looks like all the dealer fees are reasonable, so I think this would be a deal to sign. 10% at base money factor and reasonable dealer fees I think is about as good as we are going to get on one of these now✔️

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Correct, this was an order price locked before the increase.

Will share the dealer info after I receive floor mats from him and fully close out the deal :+1: Just waiting on that last part now.

If that was the case (i.e. your order was made prior to 5/3/21), I think your Rubicon 36/15 RV should be 62% not 61%.

My understanding has always been that RVs do not lock in from order date and are instead set at purchase date.

Let me know if that’s wrong because I would frankly love if they locked at order date - and it would make planning so much easier (I factory order each vehicle I buy and this part always feels like a gamble!).

For CCAP, the RV and the incentives were locked at order date (based on the myriad of signings lately, mine included). The MF can float we are told (but since it didnt change April to May it didnt matter anyway). Going forward, large changes in MF could affect the deal significantly though if the MF does float month to month.

Also, if you can swing a single pay, you can save a bundle on this one. You likely save ~$2500 or more over the lease term bringing your effective payment way way down.

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Thank you!

This was a miss on my behalf. I did not know this and thus did not ask for a price lock on order date (4/29) nor did I ask dealer to honor it when signing.

I went though it quite a bit on the last lease in 2018 and was absolutely unable to get an RV lock. Awesome that it is doable now - this makes much more sense in my opinion. Maybe this is because I hadn’t used CCAP previously. Thank you for the info!

I’ll look on the “bright side” of this and consider it better later on at the lease end - a lower buyout amount means slightly more money in my pocket if there is equity rather than a standard turn-in.