2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

Hello all,

about to ink a deal and wanted some advise,
it was loaner car, limited, the interior was beige and the wife is worried it will stain… anyone had problems with a light color leather interior getting dirty?

We live in Kentucky.

Is there anything that will cause it to get dirty? Kids ?

Thought Kentucky is red clay country?

She is worried that denim and black jeans would stain. rub off?

Jeans :man_shrugging:t2:

Nah it’s not even that easy to stain light colored seats. Just make sure the pants ain’t wet and then sit on the seats. Then it stains it , but it comes off after rubbing. Also ask the dealership if you were to get it dirty or have some small stains when you give the leased car back would there be any issues. A stain or dirt is normal wear and tear I think.**

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