2021 Jeep Gladiator Willys Is this MF too high?

Trying to work out a lease deal and they said the MF was .0036 before they even ran our credit. Does this seem too high? Already got 10% discount on a 3yr/15000 as part of the negotiation. Dealer said that MF was with Ally. Residual is 73%. First post so sorry if the format is not correct. Thanks for your help!

Ally tends to have higher rates, but .0036 seems high even for them. I’m guessing a mark up here.

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If the 10% discount is pre-incentive, that would be a great discount on Gladiator in the current market. I am also guessing they have the MF marked up – to meet your discount demand.

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There is really no way to answer this question without knowing what the buyrate MF is.

From the limited information provided this is going to be a terrible deal regardless

@ElectricEliminator knows more about these vehicles

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I’d try to compare with some other dealers and see if you can find one that is using Chrysler Capital this month. Residual for Chrysler doesn’t sound much worse than Ally but I’m almost positive that they aren’t using close to a 9% interest rate. The primary benefit of the CDJR third party banks is higher residuals (Ally doesn’t seem to be much higher at the moment) and/or large amounts of IDL Bonus cash, which do not seem to be offered right now. The Bonus Cash available seems to be for Chrysler leases and purchases. So you would just need to find out what Chrysler’s “standard” money factor is for the month since Edmunds doesn’t have it.


Ally allows dealers to heavily markup their buy rates if they want. Buy rate is close to 0.0028 on the west coast (I imagine its the same in NC)

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We have been negotiating with the dealer on this lease and I was just wondering if you thought this was a good deal. Credit is Tier 2 so I didn’t know if there was any play on the MF. Thanks and I really appreciate it! This is my first lease and I want to do it right!

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The MF is absurd. Half of your payment is rent charge. If you’re actually getting a 10% discount and there are no incentives, this is a no brainer to finance IMO.

Are you sure that your calculator is correct? Do you have a dealer worksheet?

Have you reached out to any additional dealers? In general, if you are sure that you can’t get qualified at the moment for Tier 1, leasing will be expensive. Depending on your credit score you may even be able to get qualified for Tier 1 through a different bank. As I mentioned before using Ally doesn’t seem to be productive, I’d at least get US Bank and Chrysler Capital quotes to compare. The discount here is strong looking but $1,500 of that is most likely incentives that you don’t have properly inputted into the calculator.

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Sorry for not keeping the post in the same thread. It is $1500 in incentives and the rest in dealer discount. We are going to try to get a lower MF and I know they pulled my credit through US Bank and Chrysler as well. I need to find out if they approved us. My FICO 8 is 660. Thanks for the advice!

NC tax rate is 3%. your calculator shows 6%.

Thanks, I didn’t see that so I fixed it.

I changed the incentive on the calculator. Thanks for your advice and I am going to reach out to more dealers.

I don’t have a dealer worksheet yet but I fixed the calculator to show the incentive. Agree the MF is absurd and maybe I just need to work on my credit score for the moment. I’ll reach out to other dealers as well. Thanks for your advice!

If you’ve already allowed a dealer to run your credit at this point then it won’t hurt you to allow others to do the same between now and at least around the end of the month. All of those credit pulls should be treated as one inquiry and will allow you to get an accurate quote and rate. There’s no sense in shopping around, getting a better offer and then finding out that the terms are drastically different because you didn’t qualify for the credit tier that they quoted you with.

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I shopped Wranglers hard for the past year and even with 800 credit was quoted MF’s north of .00300 several times. Point being, yes your credit is working against you, but also is the tendency for CDJR dealers to mark the MF’s up like crazy especially when they’re using 3rd party banks like US Bank and ally.

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