2021 Jaguar F-Pace lease

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Do you even call that roof a pano? It is NICE! My current daily is a convertible, pretty sure that is even better, all the fun and none of the ‘I really need to wear my seatbelt in this thing’.

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Hey @wilkonaz1

Do you mind telling me where you got the car/proving me with the dealers info? Looking to get into the f pace with similar specs.

Wow this is the first good lease I’ve seen on a decently equipped FPace

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Beautiful color combo.

My wife’s 2018 is up in July and the new interior is definitely a huge upgrade that is making her consider another one. @wilkonaz1 do you have any details on that Chase offer? The dealer here in Nevada is pretending these things are flying off the shelves even though JLR is already offering decent incentives.

Otherwise it will probably be a SQ5 or X3 just based on available deals.

Thanks. Sorry, I don’t have additional details on the Chase offer. Right, I was considering the SQ5 and X3M40i as well.

I reread your post and realized it was the JLR Pin program from: https://jlrprivateoffer.com linked through Exclusive benefit for chase private clients | auto | chase.com (links to remind me in the future :grinning:). It was super easy to generate a PIN, now we just need to find a dealer willing to accept it :crossed_fingers:.

I used dealerrater to find the top JLR dealers near me and made phone calls. I was upfront about the PIN.

X3 is not a compelling lease value. SQ5 is

And the Q5e is almost more appealing. But now we need to wait and see if it’s the same March.

did you generate a pin w/o being a chase client?

No, I just didn’t know it was a benefit. I googled Jaguar PIN and it took me to the Chase page where I logged in with my Chase credentials and created a code.

I just Googled “Jaguar PIN” and the first link went to Etsy.

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What deals are you seeing for the Q5e?

As an example:

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That’s the Feb program. Just ended yesterday. For the Q5 55e, March is slightly better. They lowered the monthly about $22-23/mo which pretty much completely offsets 1st mo waived offer. Sheet will likely be up tomorrow. Just wrapping up Feb carry over deals so haven’t gotten around to posting it.


People with existing USEF Fan membership can generate the PIN as well in https://www.jlrprivateoffer.com/
The offer is same as that for Chase customers.
Thanks to @Bostoncarconcierge for providing this tip earlier in 2019. For new members, it takes longer (over a month) for the USEF member id to be recognized in JLR private offer portal. This should make 2021 F-Pace and Velar decent lease options. Not bad for $25 USEF Fan membership fee :slight_smile:

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Thanks @wilkonaz1 for sharing this.

How’s the new infotainment working for you?
I have had the screen go blank on me today. Will be taking it to the dealer on Monday.