2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited 36/12 40K MSRP 8.5% off $423 Per Month $1K drive off South Florida

I just got this deal for my parents. This is an extremely hard car to get a deal on right now as it is brand new and Limiteds especially are hard to come by. This car was ordered by dealer and wont be delivered until June 6th. Most dealers are charging above MSRP and I got 8.5% off. This deal cannot be replicated at the same dealer so please do not ask me to share the dealer info as they explicitly asked me not to do so. However If you put in the leg work I believe you can replicate it elsewhere.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited
MSRP: $40,695
Selling Price:37,219.73
Monthly Payment: $455 w/ 7% Tax
Drive-Off Amount: $1,000
Annual Mileage:12
Incentives:$1750 Lease Cash
Region: South Florida
Leasehackr Score: Who Cares
Leasehackr Calculator Link: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR


Great del Op! We looked at the 21 Santa Fe Limited in April but couldn’t get dealers to budge on selling below invoice or even MSRP, they were looking for $500/mo on a $41000 car.
To do this in May of Pandemic 2021is outstanding!!!

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Nicely done, OP. Currently trying to replicate something similar to this in OH on a Limited AWD.

Hi, just following up, as it’s now June 9th, to see if you were able to successfully take delivery of this car!

Santa Fe shortages have gotten steeper since you ordered, which would make your deal more slick today than it would have been in May. Congratulations!

Yes and I actually got another $500 off so my final payment was $455 with 1K drive off and that is with a $989 dealer fee.

I know I got a crazy deal and like I said in my post my dealer won’t do it again. But I am sharing to show what’s possible.

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If the dealer won’t do it again, is it really possible?

What did you do, that nobody else can do, that made it possible?

Yes if it was possible for me to accomplish others can do the same elsewhere. This is a good deal it’s not a unicorn. And I’m sure my dealer would do it again, just not this month.

Definitely agree that this is a realistic target in markets that have supply, or other months.

Thank you for posting the details - I have taken a closer look and here’s my take:

This month (June '21), the AWD Santa Fe is particularly in short supply:
But it looks like with the FWD… there are still a decent amount out there.

It looks like the chip shortage has the most impact on AWD models, with FWD being in significantly higher supply. Up North. I’m also seeing a heavier supply of the lower trim models (compare to the Limited) in your market. Presumably as more options + AWD add additional computer/chip components that are in short supply.

I will take a closer look at what kind of pricing I can offer for FWD Santa Fe in Florida, perhaps there is some movement there that is not currently happening in NJ. We are even seeing some FWD SUVs pop up in the Northern states because the AWDs are in such short supply.

I’ll push the line on these Santas a little bit and get back to you if I can find something cheaper and repeatable, more in line with your deal, in Front-Drive for FL residents. Thank you again!

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Cars already in the driveway man.

:santa: came early this year