2021 Hyundai Kona EV Limited offer: $0 DAS, $341/month 36/12k. Good? Your opinion please

That’s correct, max_g.

Hold on to your hats. As I’m filling out my financial application for the initial deal of 341/month and $0 DAS (& it’s now sent)… another dealership called me to offer: $259 DAS, $259/month for a Kona EV Limited at 12/36months.
I don’t really know what to think. I’m continuing to fill out the paperwork for the initial offer… but asked the other dealership to send me all the numbers. I certainly don’t want to loose out on the initial deal… and this new one sounds way too good to be true. But maybe it is true.
What is my next move here? EE?

No brainer, saving $90 a month? leave work, go there now. Though it’s mighty fishy and sounds like the NJ rebate is getting included.

Here is what I have currently where I live including the applicable incentives:
Kona Limited EV 36/10 $344 $0 DAS

Now if the dealer drops the selling price to $41,275, then I can get my target rate of $320 with $0 DAS.

Totally with you on that forbs… but let’s just say it’s quite a distance and that option is off the table until the weekend. (Hyundai current incentives in NY end on August 2nd I understand.) I asked a few initial questions about MF and Residual and MSRP, and they all lined up with the other offer. If there is a quick way to poke a hole in this offer, please let me know what question, or questions will expose this as fraudulent, and I’ll do it.

How did you get that great deal of $259/month?

Check if they either discounted the selling price, found some incentives left on the table or they tacked on a large down ?

I didn’t do anything to get that offer. And I don’t know if I ‘have’ anything just yet. But asking for the discounted selling price seems like a really good question to get at the heart of this.

What does that mean, “tacked on a large down”?

If they sell 9% below MSRP, they can get to those numbers. Don’t know if there is any other feasible way, outside of the extra incentives that 4sallypat suggested (or if NJ incentives are being included in a NY deal… per forbs)?

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I am following EE’s lead here on how he filled out the earlier forms.
I don’t even know what CCFR is… I certainty don’t know if it is taxed. Can you explain?

CCFR is a california rebate, you are in New York so that question is irrevalent.
And was meant for 4SallyPat who is in CA.

Ugh I hate when 2 different posters are mixed together in the same thread.

Yea, @4sallypat should be creating his own thread.

Yep… let’s clear that up right now if we can… please if we can, just keep the conversation to this recent ‘offer’ that I’ve been given… and how to poke a hole in it, or legitimize it.
Let’s keep this focussed and hopefully all can benefit.

So are you at the dealer yet signing papers?

You need more details. Is the dealer in NY? Did the dealer say it’s 9% off before any incentives or did you come up with that calculation on your own?

That sounds dangerously like a national offer that always has that dreaded taxes and fees extra asterisk.


I would be… but it’s a long way away. The soonest I’d be able to get there is this weekend. [quote=“forbs, post:34, topic:377713, full:true”]
So are you at the dealer yet signing papers?

Have them send you a lease sheet breaking down the deal. While not impossible it seems unlikely that they are offering that kind of discount at the moment. The biggest question should be what the selling price of the car is before any rebates and incentives are applied. That’s the only way to know if it’s legitimate or not.

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Thank you EE for bringing your customary crystal clarity to the conversation. I will do what you suggest, and report back. To answer a few other questions: it’s in NY, and I myself came up with the 9% reduction of MSRP, as I wished my earlier post made clear.

Dealers in CA let you close the deal ahead of time due to Covid. Maybe you can get that dealership to do that.

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Terrific idea @forbs… I’ll see if I can do that in this case.

I’m getting the official paperwork within the next few minutes.
Dealership called me and says selling car at $39,875…that’s directly from the dealership! (9% below).
I’ll post paperwork once I get it.

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