2021 Honda HR-V EX

Hey guys was wondering if anybody leased a 2021 Honda HR-V EX (fwd) lately in NC (Charlotte area)?

Got an email quote today for $269 a month with $480 due at signing. 36 months 10k miles a year. They don’t want to send a break down how they got to those numbers.

Edmunds has the MF at .00086 and 59% and $750 incentive. Msrp was $25340.

Does this seem like a decent deal or try another dealer?


You need to work out your target pricing before talking to dealers. Take whatever dealer offer you have now and put it on the back burner. It’s irrelevant until you know where you’re trying to get to.

You’re on the right steps gathering this info. If you use the current lease programs and assume a 10% pre-incentive discount, where does that put you?

Generally those deals have more due at signing than advertised. I’d assume the dealer would want first months and taxes along with that $480 at signing. In this case it is probably closer to $1500 das to get to that $269/mn.

If you are set on that specific model, there are likely other forums dedicated to it and the prices paid.

Here’s a link to a calculator I used to guess at your email offer:

I made sure to ask what was the total due and they said $480 which includes the first month.

I’ve tried to get at least 10% off before incentives but no Honda dealer will go anywhere near that number. Most dealers gave like 3 or 4% off msrp.

The purpose is to start building a cost estimate. Right now, you have random numbers from the dealer with no context as to what they actually are.

Just get a EXL crv for $20 more a month

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My thoughts exactly. Seems like the HRV doesn’t lease as well as the CRV.

So your saying I can get a crv exl for $289 a month?
With $480 due at signing? Where?

MSRP to Invoice on HRVS is slim.

Search forum and you will find deals on crv

The HRV deal you got is about the same in California.
I do see the Calfornia CRV-EV deal is $40/more so I don’t think $20 would cut it for you.

‘Deal’ is not how you determine this. An advertised speacial means nothing.

OP, try hacking CRV, you will have more luck, also try RAV4 Gas or Hybrid, not prime.


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