2021 HONDA CRV EXL - good deal?

NJ area
Sale price: $28945
Monthly: $375
Term: 36 months
Money factor: 0.00120
Residual: $21,100
Total fees + down: $750

What do you guys think?

What is the MSRP? I’d say from looking at your proposed monthly I’d rather be in a Highlander Limited.

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That seems like a lot for a crv. Check out Toyota deals from Jim because this money can get you into a highlander

Also, what are the fees and if you can provide a calculator, even better. Otherwise, just seems like an expensive CRV

Everyone will have different opinions on what a “good” deal is for any given car. At the end of the day, it comes down to how you feel about it. Here are some Lease 101 tips that we’d recommend:

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Original MSRP is $31,500

Thought the same thing. Thanks the rec, I’ll check him out!

Sorry for crappy photo but this is the fees, monthly, and all the other relevant info that I have.

$1200 in fluff and ridiculous NJ dealer fees are the problem here


:point_up_2: what he said. $1200 in (useless) dealer adds, and looks like registration/DMV fees, dealer fees and taxes rolled back in. Your $750 only covers your first month’s payment and the rest is applied to CCR. Check out @Jrouleau426 Toyota deals or search the Marketplace for other options. This CRV is one big rock to push uphill

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Can do a $34k msrp Venza in blue or black for 330-340. Tax tags fees inc. 36/10 40mpg hybrid

I just signed in Illinois tonight. $1500 DAS, $266 a month. First month’s payment was covered, basically paid taxes registration and doc fee up front. Also qualified for the $500 grad discount, so DAS was $2K but got that knocked off. 12k per year.

Is it for the EX-L AWD or FWD? Can you please share the selling price you negotiated and money factor you got?