2021 Ford Explorer St- street pack,tech, and moonroof

57,735 msrp
51,432 selling price
3600.00 out of pocket
625.40 a month
And i will get 2 months payment back for a expiring lease I’m turning in
I dont know yet MF or residual

What are you asking then? If you don’t have all the info, nobody can gauge whether this is a good deal or not.

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I’m new to this, sorry! I want to make sure I’m getting a decent deal as soon as i get the other info i will post. Thank you for responding

This vehicle does not historically lease very well. It maybe a decent lease for an Explorer ST but it’s pretty bad lease for a $57K MSRP vehicle. At a 36 month term, you will be paying almost $27K to rent this car for 3 years. I suspect you will be better off purchasing and financing.


I can’t imagine paying almost $750/mo for the new explorer.


To check the deal, you always need the residual/MF/incentives to run the numbers.

Explorer ST has not been leasing well. This is the biggest discount I think I’ve seen and still not a good deal. You need the rest to find out why. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Unless there is an official manufacturer pull ahead offer, you’re not actually getting 2 months payment back. They are dinging you for those two months somewhere in the deal.