2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Touring L, Michigan, 10K/36M 359/M, only first month due at signing, Ally

Picked this up last week in Lansing. (End of month)

Haven’t had time to put it in the calculator yet.

I understand Ally somehow takes advantage of the big tax credit, so reasonable monthly payment here we come!

I got F&F pricing through a neighbor, a $500 True car thing, and a professional association that might have stacked another $500 discount.

That brought me offers of $409/M from a couple different dealers. This dealer was willing to negotiate and we eventually agreed to $359/M. They grounded my 2018 Journey lease which was just 20,000 miles of the 25,000 allotted so they may have gained some equity from that. They also paid the USBank disposition fee of $395.

These are really nice vehicles for plug-in hybrid fans.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
MSRP: $42,295
Selling Price:
Monthly Payment: $359
Drive-Off Amount: $359 (1st month)
Annual Mileage:10,000
Region: Michigan
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


You’re better off financing it. Capture the $7500 tax credit. Then sell it back after three years for near break even.

Pretty much useless without the details and I think you know that…not hard to get the numbers off the contract

The thing is around $50k and depreciates quickly. That $7,500 isn’t going to go as far as you think.

Here is the lease.

And Chrishs2000, I’m sorry you didn’t find my original post useful. I would have certainly found it useful before I started the process.

Cheap, The open market to sell a 3 years old vehicle isn’t always predictable. A purchase & sale has an unknown at the end. Not the same risk calculation.

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Unfortunately, monthly payment only numbers tell a very incomplete story and can be very misleading, particularly to people that are new to the leasing game. It’s the details that matter because of how much variation there is between personal situations.

Incomplete yes.

The statement that they are “pretty much useless” is poppycock. Like I said I would have found it very useful when I started the process.

Is this still within the cancelation/refund window? :slight_smile:

The problem is that most people starting the process don’t know what they don’t know, so incomplete information like this can be worse than useless as it can be very misleading. This is particularly true in cases where there’s an unknown amount of trade equity wrapped up in the deal.

I’m very confused by your numbers here. What is the actual MSRP? You’re listing $42295 with the destination itemized, but msrp includes destination. Is the $43790 then the actual MSRP?

Assuming that, you ended up with about $2k off msrp. If your $409/mo early offers included F&F, and you negotiated another $2000ish in reduction to get down to $359/mo, then the F&F “discount” here was $0. What’s the actual deal?

The upper left corner is labeled Manufacturers suggested retail price, then also labeled base price: $42,295. The destination charge is added to that, for a Total Price* of $43,790.

And yes there is a $299 window etching “theft guard” fee in there.

Yes, that’s the base price. The actual MSRP used for lease calculations (RV, etc.) is $43790 as destination is always included. (Hence base price vs total price).

Ouch. The dealer didn’t give any discount on a lease?

MSRP is $43790, selling price is $41607, so there’s about a $2200 discount going on here. That’s about the right number (invoice minus 1%) for the F&F deal. What confuses me is the extra negotiation from $409/mo down to $359/mo. There doesn’t appear to be any extra discounting that has occurred here beyond that.