2021 Canyon Crew 2wd Elevation

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Canyon Crew 2wd Elwvation
MSRP: $33500

Monthly Payment: $ 204 incl 7%sales tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 2000
Months: 24
Annual Mileage:10,000

Region: SE (Florida)

Leasehackr Score: 9.4
Leasehackr Calculator Link:CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR


Your calculator doesn’t quite match your description, but regardless if you are at an effective 330 some dollars a month effective payment, in this market what are your other choices as nice as this? Not much😊

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Congratulations and enjoy!

It’s $800+ off before the dealer fees and such are included. The actual delta, if we assume the selling price and such is correct is likely significantly more.

Everyone has their “rule no 1 of LHF”. Mine is never ask after a deal has been signed. Just enjoy the new ride.

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Kinda worked backwards on the calculator, knew the RV, msrp, discounts and incentives, so had to kind of play w the numbers on the calculator so they “lined up”

The title was a bit rhetorical,

  1. Its FL and jndee normal circumstances is difficult to find a deal
  2. Limited stock / shortages are driving prices up on most vehicles

Locally we were quoted anywhere from $290-430 on a similar MSRP 24/20 2k DAS.
It’s a second vehicle to drive to and from work (wife gets the nicer one) and pick stuff up from lowes :wink:

Unfortunately what that means is you’ve asked us to evaluate a non-existant deal since you’ve jumbled up all the relevant information.

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Effective $287 a month assuming no trade in seems like a good deal to me especially in this current market.