2021 Camaro LT1 MSRP $40,870 $1221 DAS $348/mo

Hello All,

Guess Camaro LT1 craze is still on…Dealer discount is kinda low 2.3%-should I push on 4-6%??? Still not a bad deal with these numbers either…will see what happens, would probably go with 39/10, if I don’t sign will let someone else take over on here…

Let me know if the deal is stellar in your opinion or any more room for improvement

After quite a few failed attempts-I finally got a reasonable quote on a '21 Camaro LT1 Auto with Dual Exhaust, Tech package etc MSRP $40,870
I have conquest of $2000 (they quoted $1500 but it is $2K for west coast region)

Here are the quotes:

-956 dealer discount
-2500 rebate (1k buy power & conquest rebate)

36 months 10k miles per year (subject to credit approval)
Min Drives: 1,221
$1,221 due at signing 338.75 +tax =363.31
MF: .00028
RV: 65% 26,565.50

39 months 10k miles per year (subject to credit approval)
Min Drives: 1,221
$1,221 due at signing 324.07+ tax =347.57
MF: .00028
RV: 64% 26,156.80

RV and MF provided earlier were before adjusting my apologies. (he gave me RV on 15K as 61% instead of 64% prior to this quote-I checked edmunds and it is 64%)

Push for 10% and then settle at 6%, aim for the moon, and land on the stars

I would say 5.9-7% is what you should be shooting for before conquest.

Here’s 5.9 that should be achievable. Rather than asking for 10 and getting laughed into being ignored, figure out where you thing this is reasonable and tell the dealer 3xx das / 3xx per month and you will come sign and get the car today. That worked for me.


With link

I requested 4-6% but “best” they did was 3.6% $1456 off msrp $40,870
May try and sign by Sunday if nothing else pops up, will see

I would look elsewhere. Maybe one that isn’t on their last LT1? 3.6 is pretty miserable

Most places I looked were willing to do 6-8% like he said ^

Also: if you have 1k in buy power and $2k conquest wouldn’t you have $3000 incentives? Unless 1k in buy power = $500

We all want the best deal, but if it’s the color combo and has options you want, consider going for it
Doubt we are going to see a lot of the sub $300 monthly payments. Assuming dealers realize residuals are abnormally high and interest rate is low.

It’s fits the imaginary 1% rule (With zero drive off) that many of us yearn for. (Yes, I’m waiting for someone to jump in and tell me 1% rule is worthless lol)

Keep shopping around. It’s still the first week of the month and they have no urgency to deal.


Perhaps, though I did my deal on 1/2.

Yes but December month end was Jan 4th.

I think they don’t really know that there is another $500 regional conquest added to the $1,500 and the buy power is $1,000, said they will check but am pretty sure it’s the west coast added cash incentive

Most of the SoCal dealerships have very low numbers of the LT1 trim, some have none
This one is optioned the way I would order it…and it’s their only LT1. Another dealer had one with $2,000 down and $457/mo on 39/10 haha MF was marked up .00128 and said can’t do anything about MF but can discount $1,000 more hahahaha when I said I think $320-350/mo would be my numbers…he said RUN and take that deal, that’s all he could do

Have you checked farther out? I primarily shopped in SoCal and norcal as I’m in Nevada and I was able to find a several with much better pricing/discounted. In fact 3 of them are still on their lots lol

Yeah I would avoid anyone not willing to give you buy rate… that’s crap with it being 0.00028.

Try reaching out to some others. Although I would play it slow, as someone said it’s the first of the week of a new year, not much much motivation for dealership.

Make sure you express your incentives, they’re what YOU qualify for. Not the other way around.

It’s 2000 west conquest 2500 Midwest east coast. That’s directly from a Chevy gsm…so this month is in fact better than December for #’s

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Good point.

Can you confirm what requires to qualify for conquest? Is it solely having a non-GM “lease”?

Ex 1: Does having a GMC lease qualify or does that only trigger when loyalty is available?

Ex 2: Does owning a non-GM vehicle qualify?

Often times, drastically overshooting reality in hopes of landing at a middle ground results in your deal going straight to the trashcan.

As with orbital mechanics, if you’re trying to go for the moon, aim for the moon. Come in too hot and you’ll burn up on re-entry.


No need. You just said it yourself.

In my opinion, for this particular car right now, it’s better to just go in with a monthly payment target. Just use the other signed deals as a reference when evaluating it. The percent discount is going to vary drastically and may be meaningless. On paper my deal is one of the highest discount percentages out of anything posted here, yet the end result is mid pack.

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Sorry to use the hated metric, but again because everything is so well-known on this car right now it can be useful to cut through all the muddiness. A great target would be about 0.8% IMO.

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In which state? With or without conquest? For how many miles? Does that include supplier? With or without buypower?

There’s a .25% of msrp payment swing on this deal based on the incentives qualifications alone.

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