2021 Camaro LT1 $42.7k, $415 DAS & $426 Mo 39/10

Model: Camaro LT1 coupe Automatic
MSRP: $42.700
Selling: $41,815 (2.07%)
Incentive: $1500 (Non-GM conquest), $500 (College Grad)
DAS: $415.00
Monthly: $426.69
IL Title and License: $301
Doc Fee: $303.60
Tax: 8.25% IL Cook county

Option: Tech Package, Dual Exhaust, Recaro, Spolier (factory or accessory? Don’t know), Performance Air Intake (just looks cool)

I added -162 because I couldn’t get DAS to $415

I don’t know if I could do any better. After I posted on the “ask the hacker” section I tried negotiating further. Couldn’t get anything other than couple dollars off. Camaro LT1 MSRP $42.7k 39/10 DAS $415 Mo $430



Congrats! Picked mine up from the same dealer a few weeks ago - they were great to work with.

Mine is a very similar spec - black on black, 20", dual mode, but 6-speed. I like your spoiler.

Enjoy it and please take off the decals on the rear bumper and rear windshield. :slight_smile:

The decals are annoying for sure

Congrats. Recaros and intake are both rare options. Black is definitely the best color on these cars :yum: enjoy!