2021 Cadillac Escalade Short Body Sport Platinum with super cruise, white with auburn available (updated 9/30/2021)

My dealership has an unspoken for 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV incoming.

Feel free to inquire for details. Accepting out of state clients with free airport pick ups. Delivering to your state will be on you to cover if you so choose.

Accepting deposits to hold vehicle.


Included Packages & Options

  • Driver Assist Tech Package $3,650

    • Soft Closing Front & Rear Doors
    • Automatic Seat Belt Tightening
    • Adaptive Cruise Control
    • Illuminating Front & Rear Sill Plates
    • Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking
    • Reverse Automatic Braking
    • Air Ride Adaptive Suspension
  • Onyx Package $2,295

    • Monochrome Cadillac Emblems
    • Gloss Black Escalade Nameplate
    • Wheels: 22" 12-Spoke Gloss Black Alloy
    • Puddle Lamps w/Cadillac Crest
    • Wheels: 22" Interim
  • Heavy-Duty Trailering Package $600

    • Wired Auxiliary Trailer Camera
    • 2-Speed Active Transfer Case
    • Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    • Trailering Assist Guidelines
    • Extra Capacity Cooling System

Included Options

  • AKG Studio Reference 36-Speaker Audio System $4,300

  • Power-Retractable Assist Steps $1,750

  • Rear Seat Entertainment System $1,995

PM or text (760-543-8064) for Cody.

What does available mean? For MSRP, invoice or some markup?

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We are not marking it up (I worked at a dealership in san diego where they were 10k mark-up). Simply MSRP. Supply is so low at the moment that there aren’t many up for grabs unless you order one at which point you’re looking at 4 months waiting period, but also due to low supply I can’t justify selling it at invoice since Cadillacs no longer have holdback.

Is this car sold? What is the costs for the ESV?

We’re selling it at MSRP, It is still here, with $5,000 due at signing

-10k/36 mo - $1690++
-12K/36mo - $1721++
-15k/36mo - $1782++

(all quotes are plus tax, all other fees included in payment. The sport sold, this quote is on the ESV)

Lol plus tax etc…epic!

yup! its an expensive car!

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Hey everyone, I have another Escalade ESV available for sale coming in! https://www.petersonchevy.com/new/CADILLAC/2021-CADILLAC-Escalade+ESV-15f588340a0e0a6b1d240ca68e7f573a.htm

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It’s a sport platinum with Super cruise.

Hey everyone, I just had a black on black short body sport platinum with supercruise just become available (customer backed out) about 5 minutes ago.

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If Carvana/vroom/AlGo just bought it today for MSRP they could save themselves money and aggravation in 2 months. 🥸

I doubt that lasts long.

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We are selling it at MSRP. I’m not sure what reply that means

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Just got another one, its a fairly basic Luxury 4X4 though.

Hi, what’s mf and residual for a lease? Thank you

Pricing any better yet? Wolfpac?

still MSRP, some dealers across the nation are selling them as much as 25k over msrp, so msrp is a pretty good deal.

just had a white sport platinum with super cruise arrive, selling price is $115,000

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Is this still available?

Don’t wait for a ‘22 if you want Super Cruise - get it while you can

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Does GMS apply?