2021 Cadillac Escalade - any preliminary info on pricing?

I know that pre-bookings are available with a $2,000 deposit - but is there any initial info on what the lease programs may look like? (down payment costs, monthly payments etc)?

Any and all insights will be greatly appreciated. TIA :slight_smile:

An arm and a leg. Range of 1200 a month paymwnts.

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GM usually doesn’t release anything to dealers until the cars have landed…

Why don’t you build a deal with MSRP, no incentives and guesstimate of the RV in the calculator? I doubt any dealer will be willing to discount for a while.

Wouldn’t be surprised if some 2021 models pop up on swapalease a year from now for $2k+ per month.


You joined this forum to post that you financed an Escalade at full MSRP?


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I feel like that would be a deal for a Yukon Denali lol. Escalade should be more than that

You are right. I was being conservative.

Expert negotiator: they managed to get away with no market adjustment!

I really want this truck. But every time I’ve considered GM, the logical side of my brain reminds me of how poorly they lease and how bad the depreciation is

Anyone knows how I can get one in the NY metro area and how much discount I can expect?

How to get one?

Use Autotrader, Cars.com, CarGurus, etc. to see if any are available. Google your local Cadillac dealers, give them a call to see if/when any will be available. Check the Marketplace section here and reach out to any GM/Cadillac brokers asking the same thing.

How much discount you can expect?

Minimal to zero until the newness wears off and inventory fills up over the next 2-3 months.

I did that, but it’s actually presold already, non are actual available.

Will check if there is any Cadillac brokers here, doesn’t look like

I do some occasionally. Expect to pay sticker until the market settles.

$0 Rebates, $0 Lease Cash
39/10k 56% RV, .00115 Buy Rate

Even @Invoice and ~$5k due, you’re around $1100.