2021 BMW550 : Good Deal?

2021 BMW M550 : Good Deal?

I’m looking into a 2021 M550 with MSRP of $85k. After rebates and discounts I’m at $2.5k down at 36 mo /15k per year, the monthly payment is a little below $1k. Is this a good deal? This is South Florida. I qualify for graduate, conquest USAA/Military.
MSRP: $84,995
Selling price: $75,995
Rebates: $2k Taxes on Rebate
Residual: 55%
Money Factor: .0012
Terms: 36 mo/15k
MSD: $0
Tax: 7%

You’ll want to get the details of the deal broken out. Monthly tells us little.

What is the pre-incentive discount? What incentives do you qualify for? What does Edmunds say about RV, MF and incentives? This car won’t be cheap to lease.

Updated posting.

Have you confirmed the selling price doesn’t include any of the incentives you qualify for? I haven’t run the numbers but monthly appears high given that large of a discount and all those incentives.

Money factor is marked up, so getting that down to base would help. If you have the cash, do MSD’s.

Why are you putting money down? What is the monthly payment?

What’s MSD?

A little less than $1k

What is the base MF?

This is the breakdown.

All this.:point_up::point_up:. Work with a broker or re-adjust your expectations.

I think 0.00099, which can be further reduced with MSD’s. You put refundable security deposits in up to 7 multiples of the monthly payment.

What about the remaining $1.5k? What does it exactly cover? If you don’t know, ask the dealer.
In order to better evaluate your deal, I would suggest providing as much info as possible.

Have you looked at some broker deals? @Bostoncarconcierge ships to FL.

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You’re asking the kinds of questions that would suggest you’d be well served by taking a step back from talking to dealers for a bit and spending some time reading through the leasing101, learning what goes into a lease, and how to maximize your deal. Knowledge is the key to getting a good deal… Take the time to learn.


Looks like it’s about a 10% pre and a mark up mf. I would imagine they are at 40 points and so with base mf you are looking at a 8% discount.

I am assuming you told them you were usaa so that $500 is applied to that $9000. I would attempt them to go deeper on the front end discount and cut half the rate.

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