2021 BMW X5 xDrive 40i Early upgrade


2021 BMW X5 xDrive 40i looking to upgrade to probably 2022 X7 loaner. We need a bigger car.
I have a year left on my lease.
My effective payment is $840
MSRP was around $68,000k
I have ~19k miles left.

So I’m trying to weigh all available options.
Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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Transfer out of it and get another car…? Payment is easy enough for a lease transfer, especially for someone who doesn’t have loyalty.

You can also contact @DNA_Auto_Wholesale1 and see if he can get you out of it.

What have you found in the #marketplace?

I just traded a 2021 X5 xDrive 40 w/24k miles on it. Got $6k+ over payoff. Like an idiot I leased a 2023 BMW M550xi (for only slightly more than my X5) - BUT BMW dealers in South have been aggressive esp. on 2022/2023s. X7 loaner/demos hard to come by & not a lot of deal wiggle room.

Why an idiot?

Well it is an awesome car. I probably should have gone the practical route w/a new X5. Instead I decided that a growling exhaust & the ability to get to 60 mph in just over 3 seconds mattered more. I am having a small love affair with the thing.


Rip the resonators out

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Definitely not an idiot. There is an arbitrage situation recently. Used car prices are still stupid high but decent deals on new cars are available. Not sure who the hell is buying all these used cars when a new one is only a few bucks more.

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Agree. The deal on the new 2023 M550 was cheaper than buying a 2022 CPO. Dealer that delivered my M550 told me my X5 was sold before it even got to the dealer lot. Fairly high demand vehicle (esp low miles) apparently.

I’ll put you in touch with my wife. She’s already said my car sounds obnoxious. I sure as hell hope it does.


Test drove one recently…wanted it so bad, just more than I’d like to spend. Overall, fantastic car though. Can’t beat the V8.

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Do you have a tune and exhaust on the 550? Thought it did 0-60 in 3.6 to 3.9-ish?


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I clocked it at just under 3.6. It’s wicked fast. Can’t say I am an expert on exhaust systems but sure sounds good.

High demand… even loaners won’t come cheap (if any). And you’ll probably need to have feelers nationwide to even find one.

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I have a X7 lease expiring in 6 months. Can someone help with mmr number to decide keep/sell?
2021X7M50, 20500 miles, Sticker $118,600, clean history

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I found a couple of 2022 X7 xDrive 40i loaners, but the numbers seemed ridiculous.

One has ~9,000 miles on it.
The original sticker price is around $84,000
Sale price is a 9% off.

The monthly payment $1,360 (including all fees and taxes rolled into it)

I believe I can get a new one for that same amount of money.

Thanks for the info but it is showing page can not be found :crazy_face:

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One thing you may not be aware of since your last lease is that BMW changed the loaner program. The mileage on them now reduces the rv which obviously increases the payment. It’s not to say you couldn’t find a deal that works it is just a good bit harder to justify. It isn’t like the old days where a loaner almost automatically made it a better deal.

Plug the numbers / mileage in the calculator and the rv deduction will show up.