2021 BMW X5: Worth it to Trade Now & Lease a 2022?


Leased a 2021 BMW X5 in early 2021. 9k miles on it. Payment is $700 w/an MSRP of $71k. Have had offers on it (unsolicited no less) for anywhere from $7k - $11k over what I owe. This is coming from Vroom, Carvana, BMW dealers. I’m not up to speed on current BMW lease value & if it’s worth to sign a 2022 X5. If they’re paying big $$ for trades, they have to be making up the difference elsewhere. Any opinions & guidance are helpful.

Look at broker/dealer deals in the LH Marketplace.

Add your taxes if it’s not included.

You should be able to see the numbers and make a decision

Probably wouldn’t make sense in your case. Touch screen was gone, no HK sound, etc. Also, 7000/36 comes out to 194/month, x5s in the marketplace are going for the mid-high 900’s before tax.

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Touchscreen seem to have been a temporary issue, new builds are coming with them again.


Thanks. What I’m finding is that the 3rd party buyers - VROOM, Carvana, etc. - are offering solid $$ for my X5. BMW dealers will try to entice you in with inflated “alleged trade” values & then totally lowball you. Worst case I sell it to VROOM or something, pocket the difference & figure out next steps. Still waiting to hear back from a few places yet.

Don’t forget you will need to buy the lease from BMW, pay your taxes and then wait for the title before you can consider selling to those third party buyers. Only BMW dealers/auto groups are able to buy out your lease directly.


Good point. Hadn’t thought of that.

selling them is easy, replacing them is brutal


As an update: Was just told by a BMW dealer because I’m from out of state (neighboring - about an hour or so) there’s a $5k MSRP mark up because of supply shortages. I’m talking to them about an X5 that’s been on their lot for 2 months. Trade offer was solid, but the extra $5k is a deal killer. What a joke.

Tell them your car has a $5K markup because they are out of state. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ultimately totally not worth it. Also - didn’t know this - BMW will not accept a payoff from a non-BMW maker. They will refuse & return payment. And if you think can negotiate with BMW - it’s laughable. Love the X5 but absolutely despise BMW.

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Ultimately you’ll be left with no cars to choose from, if this going to be a deal-breaker for you.

There are few cars to chose from to begin with. A lot of dealers will be flooded with cars in a rising interest rate market unfortunately. Likely that 2023 you’ll be able to do a “buy one, get one free” deal.

If you look at your lease agreement, does it say that you can assign your rights to purchase the lessor’s vehicle to an unnamed third party of your choosing?