2021 BMW X5 M-Sport


Evening All,

Would greatly appreciate your feedback on this offer. My calculator is a bit off then what they are quoting and there seems to be an error with how they are calculating MSD’s. Will discuss with them in the morning. Let me know your thoughts

someone more advanced should probs check my critique lol

-I assume the $3000 is being used as a down payment? If yes, thats a no go
-You are also using $6650 as a MSD which should be fine if thats what you agreed upon
-That doc fee is nice, for Florida, usually use to seeing $1k in taxable fees

cash down $ 9,650 includes the msd’s and DAS?

There’s no down payment.

Did you check any broker’s advertised deal? Looks like only knob to turn is the discount and you’re at almost 10%.


@Stonksonlygoup no cap cost reduction
@edespinola correct!
@sharksfan15 seems like most brokers can do is 10% except i did see @Clutch advertise 12%?

I did my best with it and I’m just $5 off. Calc below:

The one thing that doesn’t make sense to me is why the MSDs are showing $6650 from the dealer. Shouldn’t they be $5950 (7x $850)?


MSDs were calculated for 0due at signing and probably not adjusted afterwards.

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Is the $340 suppose to be negative?

Again, the actual value inputted here does not matter. Adjust this (positive or negative) to make the Due at Sale/Drive Off value match the offer.

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Yes because OP is putting $3k as his drive off (not including the MSDs). So I had to match that by putting a negative DP amount.

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