2021 BMW X5 45e lease deal check

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State: Connecticut
Residual: 51%
MSRP: $71,695
MSRP discount: $5,700 (8%)
Rebate/incentive: $500
Selling Price: $65,495
MF: .00086

Only upfront cash is acquisition fee, taxes, first month.

How’s this look?

I tried for a bigger msrp and they claimed it’s already below rebate. The offered another $1000 of msrp but MF would go to .00126. Wondering if I take the extra $1k off and the use MSDs to get the MF down.

Thx for assist all.

So what’s your drive off and your monthly payment?

Just asked for the out door costs and monthly. $1750 (taxes, registration, first month) was estimated upfront out of pocket but will get breakdown

Assuming this is a 15K based on the RV?

8% pre rebates and base MF on an E is a good deal. These are all pre-sold near me and hard to come by for a deal.

Is this an order or in stock?

Yes. 36/15.

And in stock exactly options and color we wanted. Feels solid.

Thoughts on going with a higher MF and another $1000 off msrp and adding MSDs? Feels a little clunky in this manner tbh.

Well, that you need to put in the calculator to see how it affects you.

What does the total lease cost look like in current scenario versus

Bumping the MF 40 bps and taking another $1000 off sale price

Then play w MSDs

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IMO it’s a much better deal to finance the 45e instead of leasing.

0.9% APR for 60 months plus $2500 credit from BMWFS

Then add $7500 federal EV tax credit, there might be state incentives as well.

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Agree from a macro deal perhaps, but believe technology and luxury carmakers releasing bigger variety of ev in the next 2-3 years will make me want to change vehicles long before purchasing makes sense.

Worst case If you trade it in after 3 years for only $30,000 the total cost still cheaper than leasing.

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Got full quote back:

Msrp: $71,695
Discount: $5,700
Sale price: $65,995
Total financed aftermarket: $299
Rebates: $500
Due on delivery: $1,624.68
Monthly payment: $1,013.76
MF: .00086
Residual: 51%

An extra $10,0000 in incentives/rebates sure seems to make purchasing this vs leasing it make a lot more sense… even if you just turn around and trade it in in 3 years.

Run the numbers for leasing and buying and determine how cheap you’d have to sell this after 3 years to break even and compare that to the RV. Should give you an idea of what your actual costs look like.

Gonna get purchase quote now. Thx

Why ask for a quote? Work the numbers out yourself. It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes and you’ll actually have the basis to compare. Talking to dealers if for finding someone to do your deal, not figure out what the car should cost.

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We’ve been hearing that for ages, and yet here we are in 2021 and 30 miles is still the longest range BMW can offer in a PHEV.

Leasing the 45e can be eliminated pretty quickly.

Question then becomes leasing a 40i vs financing a 45e

Or looking for makes/models that lease better.


Thx all for the help. Much appreciated and changed my mind. Gonna go with purchase. :+1:

Got to same price to own payments to match lease minus them adding a “dealer conveyance fee” for $800 that I’m trying to get removed.

That is no way to judge a purchase + terrible strategy for negotiation purposes, if that’s what happened.


How much is the federal and state ev credit? Make sure you are eligible and able to get all those when financed.

What is the difference in 3 year cost of ownership vs 3 year cost to lease? What sales price are you basing that comparison off of?

If you can’t answer these two questions, you don’t have the numbers to even start to compare which option is cheaper.

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