2021 BMW M550i xDrive


Hi I am in NY and have numbers I would like checked.

2021 - BMW M550i xDrive - Ordered Vehicle
MSRP - $93,985
Discount - 8%
Lease Credit - $1,000
Loyalty - $750
10k / 36 Month
MF - .00086
Residual - 59%
Payment - $1060 Taxes Rolled into payment 8.75%
DAS - $1,357.50 ($1060 plus $297.50 in Dealer Fees)

Have you tried to check the numbers yourself by comparing to deals in the Marketplace?

I sure did Jon thanks

Based on the deals you’ve researched, how does the pre-incentive discount compare? There are multiple brokers advertising order allocations to compare against.

550’s are tight all Brokers I have seen are at 8% on orders. I’d rather do the deal myself and save the brokers fee and potential shipping. I would definitely have utilized one if my dealer wouldn’t match discount plus fees are higher through those dealerships at least looking at lease calculators for the deals I have seen through the brokers.

Almost 100k for a M550 sheesh!

On a quick review I don’t see any brokers offering more than 8% discount off MSRP. This looks like the best realistic deal right now on this desirable model. And it must be pretty sweet with almost $20k in options.

Thanks Aarshi. Some brokers will float 10% but have to take into consideration fee and potential shipping charges so eats into that discount plus as mentioned higher dealer fees. Easier to stay local.

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Depends on what those options are.

I’ve seen couple M5s and brokers advertisements @ around $1,300ish/month, might as well spend bit extra to go full fledged M?

Equivalent car with options and zero down in $1400s
I wanted a softer ride. 2.9 rips are awesome, but I will have to slum it in the 550 lol

Every option except massaging seats and rear heated

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