2021 BMW M550, Lease Transfer, $960/Month (pre-tax), 3k DAS, $88k MSRP, Ultimate Care +

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Even if they’re not willing to work on price… $4000/19 months (which is what you have left on the lease) comes out to effectively an 1170 payment pre tax… I can find a brand new one with 0 miles on it for not much more, even in this market. There are still M550i’s coming… the M car market is where things are bad (m3/m4/m5/m8).


As mentioned before the DAS is somewhat negotiable By the time the transfer is cleared there will be 18 months remaining on the lease. Also includes ultimate care plus.

That’s a nice looking car. Glw transfer. You should get some interest.

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Thanks, much appreciated

Updated DAS to $3k, will post on swap and leasetrader 3/25

Do you know what the buyout is?

~$53k at the end of the lease

What’s your current monthly payments including tax?

It is $1056…


The car is still available and I am looking to have the lease taken over within the next couple of weeks!

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Someone should snap this up, a 540 nearly goes for this nowadays.

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I take it if we work on the cash down

Still available? Located in Chicago.

Car needs to be debugged. Camera/mic and tracker put in it. Unless you’re okay with eveyone knowing where you are at all times.

Why would it be bugged?

gangstalking operation

If I skip to debugging, can you drop the DAS?

Don’t think I mind people knowing that I’m about to drop kids off at practice… :disguised_face:

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You should also probably ask for photos that were not posted in December 2020.