2021 BMW M550i xDrive, Lease Transfer, $807.09/Month (pre tax), 3k DAS, ~$88k MSRP, Ultimate Care +, Lease End 10/2023

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW M550i
Location: Chicago, IL

MSRP: $87,900
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $807.09
DAS: $3,000.00

Current mileage: 34500
Maturity mileage: 36000
Effective miles per month: 150
Maturity date: 10/06/2023

Financial institution: BMW Financial
Transfer fee: $500
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Yes

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: Like new

Lease includes the ultimate care + warranty which covers maintenance items such as new brake rotors and pads which the car will have done prior to lease transfer.

Payoff as of 12/28: $62,711.52


Is the $4k for MSDs or not? That doesn’t sound like the correct amount for MSDs, so I’m guessing not?

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It’s what I put down for the car and the ultimate care plus plan when purchasing it. Reason why the payment is what it is

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You removed it from the post, so are you no longer asking for that amount from the transferee?

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I am. Just took it off so it isn’t confused for MSD. It’s still in the title of the post

You need to list it on the title and main post. List it as $4k due, not $4k in MSDs.


No, I am not.

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I knew this car looked familiar. OP - any reason for new username and new post instead of re-opening prior post?


Lost access to the email address associated with my previous account. I’ve asked the moderators to delete the older post. Are you interested in the car by chance?

I don’t think ultimate care + transfers

Hmm from what I remember at the dealership, the finance guy said that it does since it is provided by BMW and not a third party? I can double check, however the car is fully serviced and shouldn’t need anything before the lease is up other than an oil change.

I believe ultimate care + does transfer, but that ultimate care does not.

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Thanks for the clarification

I stand corrected

I just lease transferred and had to pay $200 to reinstate services prior to getting oil. Musta been just UC


I see. Well that $200 is likely worth paying to reinstate since ultimate care plus includes brake pads and rotors

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I wish I didn’t have to look sideway to see the pictures :roll_eyes:


Lmao. I can send them to you if you’re interested

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If it was 4K MSD and not 4K DAS, I would have been.


If that was the case, the car would not be posted :rofl:
The DAS is negotiable but not by much, from what I have heard there is barely any allocation on these right now and even if you can manage to find a dealer that has a couple, they are not willing to work with you on the price whatsoever

He previously had the DAS down to 3k in his previous post a while back, probably won’t make a difference to you, but just FYI.

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