2021 BMW M4 Competition - How I Would Build It

Take a shot every time someone mentions the grill :joy:

MSRP $96,345.
build: https://www.bmwusa.com/build-your-own.html#/studio/ecgoq3za/summary
I don’t care what anyone says, this car looks absolutely on point.
To me this is as desirable as the F8x. Can’t wait to test drive one…that might be all it takes for me to pull the trigger.



I need the 4 doors, and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t get a manual and reward BMW for continuing to offer the option, even if the auto is amazing and has more power!

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BMW manuals are something else. I currently have a 2020 M4 DCT, but the car I had before it was a 2018 M3 6MT. Absolute joy going through the gears. No matter which way you spec them, you can’t go wrong… and the spec looks good! I can’t wait to see some of the G8x series on the road.

Regarding the power…the 6MT in the F8x could barely keep up with the S55 motor. No shot the 6MT could have kept up with the G8x Comp pack anyways. Probably a good thing BMW kept it this way because they car would’ve been unusable.


Yep and the power they did give it is still more than one could reasonably explore in 90%+ of driving situations.

You’d need to be drunk not to


Just recently found out about this configurator, let’s you do individual builds

Would have a tough time deciding between British Racing Green or Voodoo Blue on Brown


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Since it’s thanksgiving, making it Don Julio 1942

Personally I was more impressed with what the Cylons did between the original BSG and the reboot



But if I’m being honest, the new M4 comp looks derivative of the Guild Navigator from Dune (1984 version, not the SciFi remake)


Also Isle of Man Green is the only correct color choice :man_shrugging:t2:

1942 is to be savored, not taken as a shooter.

Sipping tequila goes down smooth at any speed. Not unlike an M4 comp, which will always be rocking braces and headgear at any speed.

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Here’s mine modestly built. This will be the upgrade in 2022 Summer when the M340i lease terminates:

2021 M3 Competition Sedan

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This is a configurator. Option and package combination limitations may apply to your selection. For more information, consult your local dealer.

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2021 M3 Competition Sedan



Isle of Man Green metallic


19"/20" M Double-spoke bi-color wheels, style 825M, w/perf non run-flat tires


Kyalami Orange/Black Extended Merino Leather

Carbon Fiber trim



Executive Package


Parking Assistance Package


M Compound Brakes with Red Calipers

Additional Costs

Destination & Handling


Total Price (MSRP)



New bumper makes it look amazing.


Me too: https://www.bmwusa.com/build-your-own.html#/studio/ecq18m43/summary

These look amazing! When will they be available for lease?

Wow model of restraint managed to undercut even mine! I assume first deliveries should be showing up early next year.