2021 BMW M4 Competition - 83.3K MSRP - $897+tax (36M/10K) - 2.6K DAS - No MSD

I am absolutely shaking in joy and have been finding every excuse to drive every few hours. This is a dream car and I can’t believe it finally happened. Four months of waiting since the order (allocation/chip delays/port delays/etc) but I am extremely grateful for the amazing work @DMVLease has done. I cannot recommend them enough,

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021, BMW, M4, Competition
MSRP: $83345
Selling Price: $75761.03
Monthly Payment: $897.73
Drive-Off Amount: $2696
Annual Mileage:10000
Incentives: $500
Region: PA

Will upload data to the calculator when I have some time this week


Love the spec and with everything going on in the car market today that deal seems solid.
Enjoy it!

9% off :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

Gorgeous… please post more pics!


When 7 MSD’s equals $6,300, I can see why you chose “No MSD.” :laughing:

Congrats, I love the spec. I also noticed that you put in MF as 0.00093, is that because your credit lock expired given that it took 4 months for the car to be delivered? If yes, was the pre incentive discount increased to honor your original numbers or did your payment go up slightly at delivery?

MSDs might still be worth it. Granted, with this high of a payment the actual savings amount seems small (Id guess maybe 40 bucks a month?), but it’s still probably about an 8% return. If so, that’s pretty solid for no risk✔️

this is the best I can align the calculator

no msd -

with msd - theoretical - $44/mo saving

sexyyyyy! congrats

not my car lol

What is the math equation to calculate that 8% return?

$44 per month x 12 = $528 per year saving
$528 / $6650 (MSD) = ~8% return
Is this right?

It’s a 3 year lease, so technically $1584 saved. 23% return.

TBH, if you got the money lying around and you don’t need it for anything else, it’s a good investment as it carries no risk.


Nice car, congrats! What interior color is that? Looks like Fiona Red, but I only see Kyalami Orange available to build inside the M3/M4 on the BMW USA website.

Except the risk of losing the entire security deposit because BMW uses it to repair damage, right?

It is fiona red. Some interior colors like Tartufo, Fiona Red etc don’t show up on the configurator. Tartufo I think is due to shortages and was only able to be specced for specific build weeks IIRC.

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that’s exactly what everyone says lol, if you did the damage you should be worried, its not like you can get away scot free if you didn’t do MSD

Nice car.

Isn’t your lease broker the same one that has taken money from a few people on this forum and ghosted them for months without refunding their money?

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You’d still owe that regardless. When you ground your vehicle at the end of the lease, you should always get it inspected for damage to give you a good idea. $6k in damage certainly isn’t minor or hard to miss.