2021 BMW M3 Comp | $773.79 | $7k DAS | 32 Months left

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Buyer is credit approved and transfer is now prending

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW M3 COMP

Location: Philadelphia, PA Suburbs

MSRP: $75,600

Monthly payment (pre-tax): $773.79

Effective monthly payment (if incentive is provided): $992.54

Current mileage: 2,645

Maturity mileage: 30,000

Effective miles per month: ~850

Maturity date: 6/24

MSD due (if any):

Cash due (if any): $7000

Incentive for new lessee (if any):

Financial institution: BMW Financial

Transfer fee: $500

Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Yes

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details:

High $900s effective monthly payment after the cash due, which I still feel is very strong given the current market and this cars spec/condition. This was a custom order, picked up at the Performance Center in South Carolina. 800 miles of the 2,645 came just driving home…so this car is rarely driven. I’ve owned many M cars prior and this is a stand out in every way.

I’m looking to offload this before winter as it’s not getting the seat time I thought it would given this extended work from home situation. Prior to putting it up on SAL, I figured I’d post here. I’ve done 3 other BMW swaps in the past 24 months so this should be fairly straight forward.

Please have great credit, and the cash in hand required to get this deal done.


Please correct the effective payment in your listing.


Just sent PM.

Sent you a Pm! Thanks

Overwhelming demand today, thanks to everyone who reached out. I believe I’ve responded to everyone in the appropriate order. I’ll be dark for a few hours now, so please stand by.

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this should clear you over 10 grand on SAL lol.


Damn that is an unexpectedly beautiful color combo.

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Raunchi - why you giving him ideas??

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This color combo is bad af!


cars are a finite resource, especially in this market. i believe it’s wrong to give them away. smoke em if you got em.


Thank you for all the interest and support. I agree with the masses this could easily go for much more on SAL. The buyout number is $64,XXX making this one of the lowest cost G80s in the country even factoring in the 7k DAS (that you’re not taxed on)…

3 ppi’s scheduled today, but no deposit yet. Window sticker below for those who are asking.

I don’t understand the point of needing a PPI done on a car with under 2700 miles… this car should’ve been gone by now.

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to whichever dummy gets this - you sir got a smoking deal

Me neither. How is this not taken? Minus the current questionable BMW design language, these vehicles are in demand and mostly going for over msrp.

May I introduce you to this thread? :slight_smile:

YMMV of course, but after some of those shenanigans that I’ve read about, $100-150 and an hour or two to get it done is more than worth it.

OP, is there a reason you’re getting it done 3x and not just once and sharing/splitting the results/cost? That’s the only bit that seemed a bit odd to me.

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I’ve done a lot of transfers via this site so I’m trying to be honorable here in an effort to keep the door open for the next transfer. But wow…this PPI situation is exhausting. If this thing isn’t gone (credit approved) by tomorrow I’ll refresh this thread and all of those waiting so we can start all over again.

Sadly…this so far has been an excuse for some people to see the car and attempt to get a test drive which isn’t going to happen.


Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s likely 3 different buyers paying different mechanics to check the car (or maybe the 3 people are checking out the cars themselves)

Only if it’s a manual Porsche which tracks overrevs on money shifts. No need on a nearly new automatic M3. You simply need someone to check out that the condition matches the photos before you send the deposit.

Reason I had to PPI my heritage. Scared too much and the guy agreed, even did the second service for me on time.

This car is gorgeous. I love the spec, glwt!

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Thanks for all the interest this one is now pending credit app approved last night.

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