2021 BMW 540I Lease deal

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Briefly looked at this, where did that MF come from?

Where are the incentives?

For your convenience here are the details: https://www.shopautobahnbmw.com/inventory/new-2021-bmw-5-series-540i-rwd-4d-sedan-wba53bj0xmcf22047

We might have additional programs or rebates you qualify for.

  1. Are you a current BMW owner?
  2. Are you a PenFed member or veteran?
  3. What company do you work for? (corporate fleet)

Do you want to lock down this 540(B23698) ?

I’m in a Mercedes S Class now.

Visit the broker section here. I don’t think anyone minds providing some guidance, but you really need to do some digging. Once you dig around there, you’ll see 10% off MSRP before rebates and then base MF (interest rate) should be your minimum target. Hire any broker here and I assure you they’ll do far better than what you have in the calculator.

Thank you Car Rhino!

I was feeling nice this morning. I modified your calculator for what you should be targeting. This assumes you have no BMW in the house. If you don’t want to do MSD’s to lower the MF, then slide the 7 to 0. Remember, they are fully refundable at the end of the lease. @mediagal

I am appreciate your help!!! Thank you!!

This is what I sent him:
This is my offer:

$74,285 MSRP

  • 10% off

Total: 66,857


Residual 59%


Incentive $1500

Monthly payment: $759

Drive off: $943

Haha I like how you dictated everything to him and expect the dealer to re-engineer your numbers -___-

Isn’t that what I should do? Not sure if that’s a compliment or a slam? :wink:

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And the response:
We appreciate your interest and offer but that does not make financial sense for our business.

We can re-visit after 11.15 and maybe tax credits will be available in order to find a equitable transaction.

8% with base MF wouldn’t be a bad deal at all, but I have a feeling this dealer wouldn’t do that.

Personally, I think if its a car you specifically want, 8% is a good minimum, you’re already 2% under invoice and only 2% away from a broker who is going to charge a $4-500 fee. Again, if its a car you really want, specifically, and you need it soon.

Your offer was too aggressive. Assuming you don’t want to pay the MSD’s. I would make the following offers depending on how badly you want the car:

$800/month with $2000 drive-off
$857/month sign and drive

Remember to remove MSD’s in the calculator to make adjustments that you’d prefer.

The numbers I have above are very doable and probably about as good as you’ll do on a brand new 2021 right now. If the dealer says no, move on to others in your area if they have one around the same MSRP. If it sounds like too much work, I’d hire a broker. The majority on this platform are great!

I went back with $800 sign and drive- so we will see. He said, who is going to pay the sales tax? I appreciate all the feedback.

$800 sign and drive is 12.5% off MSRP before rebates. That will probably be a reach for them. It never hurts to ask I suppose. Good luck!

He said, if you pay the sale tax. So I went ahead with the $857 number. Is that a great deal?

Yes, say $857/month sign and drive is respectfully your final offer before moving onto other dealers. Don’t budge.

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Ok. Got it. Thank you so much! I will let you know the outcome. You’ve been a huge help! So appreciate it!!