2021 BMW 330i - Alpine White with M-Sport and Premium Package (pending deal)

You need to change the govt fees to reflect the actual costs. The automatic entries in the LH Calc are merely placeholder suggestions. With some exception to certain states’ cap on doc fees.

Also, breakdown the pre-incentive discount instead of combining all discounts (it messes up the tax calculation).

OK. I corrected it and it’s still off but close.

That’s a great discount on a new unit (15%) but what is the $2k rebate that’s being applied as “customer rebate”? If it’s loyalty, then that isn’t as strong as I initially thought. Have you made sure to review all potential rebates that you’re eligible for? What $2k post sale rebate are you calculating?

Your selling price here is not $41860, it is $43860.

By listing it as $41860 and inputting the $2000 in the incentives section of the calculator, you’re double counting the rebate.


I figured it out. Got it down to exactly what the dealer has it at (off by $1 on the payment, probably because of the change rounding up on LH). See calc below.

A few things to note:

-The selling price is actually $43,860 (11.1% discount), which is a decent discount on a 2021 330i. But I think if you pushed a little more, you can maybe do 2-3% better.

-The $2k in rebates looks right (looks like it’s just lease credit and loyalty), but you applied it as a post purchase rebate in your calc. Should be a taxed incentive instead.

-Looks like you’re getting the base MF, so that’s good.

-You had the incorrect RV in your calc. For 10k it’s 58%, not 57%.

-The dealer fees are only $85; I rolled everything else (reg, smog abatement, etc.) into Gov’t fees.

-Also, just a word of advice for the future — you might want to redact or not include the VIN/Stock Number in your post until after you’ve signed the deal. It’s very easy for someone to use that info and figure out this car is at Valencia BMW. If this was a crazy aggressive deal, you wouldn’t want someone to know the dealer info and use this info to try to snatch the car from you. I’m speaking from experience because it happened to me once and it sucks.

-You’re almost there, just try to squeeze an extra 2-3% to get this into the sign and drive, sub-$500 territory. Try not to ever put any DAS on a lease. Good luck!



11% is great discount, but you might be able to push harder to get the additional 2- 4% discount (approx.)

Throughly go thro’ the paperwork and make sure the MF/mileage/RV/CAP Coat/ are correct and there are no surprises!

Make sure you read this post

OP went downhill, as dealer faked his signature and changed vital info…

Take due caution before signing!

He has a better chance of getting hit by lightning and hitting the powerball and mega millions on the same day than the dealer giving 14-15% off a new car before incentives.




Where is there precedent for getting 14-15% off new 21 MY BMWs?

This is not good information being spread on the forum. It just gives people improper expectations.

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15% off on a new 2021 330i is just not happening.

Try to push for 12% (with base MF) or if you wait until the last week of the month maybe could do 13%.

For comparison, I inked a deal last month on a 2021 M Sport 330xi loaner (~$51k) and was at about 15.2% off pre incentive

Key word being loaner. I understand what you are saying…just pointing that important word out for those with unrealistic expectations, or the newbies who think that can be achieved on a new (non loaner) car

I personally know friends who achieved 13-14% off pre-incentives on 2021 330i units, though it was in December. Obviously you can’t get this type of discount on an M340i, for example, but I don’t think it’s an unrealistic number on a 330i. Might be more difficult in January, but still doable.

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Again, if one tries & gets succeeded…wont it become a UNICORN deal? End of month is a possibility… End of Feb, which has only 28 days is a bigger possibility!

I learned early on through this forum, persistence pays off the big reward!

No. You need to qualify that in your initial reply to OP.

Just saying, “push for 4 more” doesn’t help at all. Then, that would be the answer to every deal check post here.

A better reply setting proper expectations would have been…

11% is strong
Shoot for 12-13 as that is what we saw in December for year end push
Anything over 13 can be considered highly unlikely, especially for January, but you can always feel them out and try.

Also, sorry but your comment about February being a bigger possibility due to number of days makes no sense.

Again, we need to keep the forum information good and clean. What you’re stating is the type of misinformation that sets people up for failure.


I agree with you, Mike. I should’ve qualified my response that way too. I probably have much higher expectations/standards based on some recent deals (ahem, the 740’s), so I quickly forget that 11% off is not terrible. I mean heck, I only scored 10% off on my M550i two weeks ago. Though I do think the market for the 330’s is vastly different and OP can get more than 11.1% off if he stays persistent and pushes just a bit longer. Just depends if he’s content with the deal or not. Personally, I’d be happy with 13.5% in this scenario so the payment is just under $500 with zero DAS. I can’t justify a higher payment than that on a $49k 330i. Just my 2¢.

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Not at all! I thought your reply was super informative. My reply was meant for Ajay.

You provided really good information that would be helpful to anyone. Lots of great data etc…

Suggesting a push for 2% more makes sense based on what we have seen as ultra aggressive. 11-13% is possible in the right market.

The remarks we see along the lines of, “aren’t we all here to hunt unicorns,” and “push for another 5% off” when no one has achieved it yet are just garbage (in my opinion) for the forum. They provide misinformation, false hopes, lead people to unsuccessful negotiations w dealers and brokers alike if not qualified with more information.

Everyone has different negotiation tactics and they have the right to do what works for them.


Well said. I agree, tapering expectations is everything. I don’t think more than 11% off will be easy by any means, but definitely doable in the right market and with the right dealer. I also agree the “unicorn” comments and the unrealistic % off suggestions do cause a great deal of confusion. A lot of times the “unicorn” deals are just happenstance and they require luck more than anything. In this case, I suppose it’s up to OP how much more he’s willing to push it, but considering the overall deal, I suppose he’s done well at 11.1% off before incentives and buy rate, especially from Auto Nation (I’ve heard they’re notorious for hiking up the MF). And really, looking at the original post here, I think all OP really wanted to confirm was weather the calc numbers checked out and if he should put a DAS or not. I hope my calc from above and my suggestion of trying not to put a DAS answers his only two questions. Good luck, OP!


Guys, I’m a newbie. I appreciate everyone’s comments and will try to push for additional discount as I really want to pay around low $500/mo. Also, is it advisable to purchase the Wear & Tear protection. I’m planning of selling my BMW before the lease expires and not return it so I’m not sure if it’s worth it. Thoughts??

P.S. Not sure if I can ask the question in this thread.

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If you’re planning on selling or transferring your car before lease-end, then it probably won’t make sense to pay for Lease Protection. If you’re planning on keeping it full term and if they give it to you for a fair price ($1,000-1,200), then I think it’s worth it. It’s saved me before. By the way, really well done on the deal for being a newbie! Not easy to score more than 10% off nowadays to begin with.


So you’re expectations are realistic the odds of the market value being higher than your payoff at anytime in your lease are very very low. Also it will be hard to transfer a 330 at that payment.

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Not advisable. Don’t enter into a lease agreement thinking they’ve understated the residual and that you’ll be able to buy out and sell for a profit. Especially since we don’t know what BMW deals will look like in a year or two. For all we know, they could go back down to what we saw in 2018-2019 and $500/mo for a 330i could look atrocious.