2021 BMW 330e Deal check

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW 330e Sedan
MSRP: $51500
Selling Price: $47500
Monthly Payment: $456 plus tax
Drive-Off Amount: $2500
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00093
Residual: 0.58
Incentives: 3666 lease credit (no loyalty)
Region: CA
Leasehackr Score: 8.6

What do you guys think especially in this market?

Check market place brokers listing. Your discounts seem low. I would shoot for at least 10% off pre incentives maybe more.

Hmm…this is based on a broker. Yeah I was hoping to see 10% below MSRP, cannot find anything like that currently.

Also ~2500 DAS are the fees and first months payment. I know zero money down vs paying fees at signing are two different things. If the car for example gets totaled, do I lose that money?

Yes you lose your money, you’re basically making payments up front

Is there a way to roll that into total payment for a true zero dollar DAS? If done so, then what I’m losing other paying the money factor on it. In this case. it’s only 2.23% interest?

Yes, you tell the dealer you want to do zero drive off, control the deal, don’t let the dealer control you


$3500 MSD will save you $720.

Is the math as simple as: 2500 x 2.23 interest rate = $57.5. So that’s the extra that I’m paying per year if rolling everything together? So in a 3 year lease, 2500 + 57.5x3 = 2672.5 / 36 = $74.24 extra per month?

The calculator has a no drive off option, just click that.

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But if you car gets totaled then you lose all that money in the MSD. Also not sure what happens if for example you sell your car at the end of the lease term for higher than the residual, then you’re not technically returning the car back to the dealer, so not sure what happens if that were to happen as far as getting the MSD back.

You don’t lose the MSD?! Has nothing to do with totaling selling the car etc, you only lose it if you had an outstanding balance and didn’t pay it.

Zero drove off


Unlikely 330e will have positive equity, also as trusted said, you don’t lose your MSD’s.


Just to add to what others have said, this is not true.

If you sell your car, and your MSDs are factored into the payoff amount, you get them back that way. If they’re not factored into your payoff, you get them back directly.

Can you please provide the breakdown of the rebates?

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