2021 BMW 330e 36/10k lease deal check

Hi leasehackrs, I’m looking for a new BMW 330e in so-cal.

What is a good leasehackr score for a new 2021 330e? (or 2022?)

I have an 5.5% off MSRP offer with a jacked up 0.00136 MF that is coming out to an “8 years” leasehackr score. Is that a decent deal? (It’s been tough as balls to get a 6% discount for a 330e in LA county. I checked with LH brokers who told me the same thing.)

At the end of the day, is the: 1) monthly payment, 2) drive off total, 3) leasehackr score the most critical factors to determining how good a deal is relative to MSRP? It doesn’t matter how we get there right?

What target score should I aim for? Thanks, friends!

I got this the last week of August in NorCal. $595 dealer fee represents useless add-ons including floor/trunk mats, wheel locks, first aid kits, etc. 2022 models have lower MSRP’s but I’m not sure if any features have been removed as a result. All dealers I emailed, I just offered drive off and monthly.


Omg yo!! 10.84% off MSRP in today’s market?! I am hella jealous!!

How did you swing that? Every dealer I’ve talked to in LA county will hardly budge from 1-3% off MSRP. Even the brokers here can only seem to swing 6% or so for the month of October.

omg you got $2000 for Loyalty rebate in August? I’m not getting more than $750 for Loyalty now…

What am I doing wrong…? Or is this just bad luck timing? You are such a boss, dude! I’d take your deal in a heartbeat!

It’s more like 10% off with the useless add-ons but I am not complaining. This is six weeks ago so inventory might have been even more depleted now. Dealer also said no at first but the GM made me an offer after couple of days. As for incentive changes, there’s nothing we can do about it and come November the ccfr will get cut in half and that’s another $583.


I think at the end of the day I agree with the first two. Monthly and DAS are all that matter. LH score is not relevant.

If jacked up MF, is the only way it works, it’s fine. That said, if you can find someone doing base MF or further discount by expanding your search to NorCal or elsewhere, would be worth it.

Pricing is much worse now then it was 6 weeks ago.


Car is still in transit, but I think my new 2021 330e 36/10 deal is settling at:

MSRP $47,7xx
Monthly Payment including tax and fees $500/mo
Drive Off Due At Signing: $2000

Rebate: -$4166 (Loyalty, Incentives, CCFR, OL)
BMW-CCA: $500

Not too bad in today’s market right? Leashackr score is 8.4 years.

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LH score is irrelevant. What’s the pre-incentive discount, normalized for buy rate?

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Oh dear, I am going to need some help in plain language how to calculate that, because I have no idea what it means. (Sorry, noob here).

Approximately 4%. I don’t know your tax rates and exact fees.

Quick question: Would it be more economical to just buy+finance a 2021 330e? (And sell in 3 years like a 36/10 lease?)

There is a $5,836 [Federal Tax Credit] and a $1,167 CA [CCFR, Clean Fuel Reward] for California residents.

Does the $2,000 APR Credit on the 2021 3-Series this month apply to purchases too if I finance through bmwfs? Stack my $1000 OL code on there that is a lot of (post tax?) rebates.

My current rebates for leasing are (-$4166, Loyalty, OL, Incentives, CCFR).

All other conditions the same, which is lease or buy the better deal? Thank you for your expertise :slight_smile:

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