2021 BMW 228xi - Demo


Hello Everyone,

Posting this for a friend who is in the process of negotiating a lease. Any thoughts or recommendations on how to reduce his payments would be helpful! This is a demo vehicle so it has around 8k miles.

MSRP $42,995
Discount: $3,404
Sales Price: $39,591
Total Rebates: $1,000
Total Cash and Rebates: $1,000
Acq Fee: $925
Advanced Payments: $543
Upfront Charges: $1,992
Total Cap Reduction: $1,000
Residual Amount: $23,145
Due on Dellivery: $2,536
Monthly Payment: $543.69
Term: 36 months
Miles : 10,000 a year

Thank you!

Not too familiar with deals for this model. But that discount on a demo is terrible. They know there isn’t any inventory so not sure if they would go any further. But doesn’t seem like a good deal at quick glance.

I got offered about $4,900 off MSRP (discount+rebates) for a 2022 28i this weekend. I think you could do better on sales price for a demo. Try to get near 15% off or at least within a range of 10-20% off MSRP.

After the RV deduction this is like almost 0 discount.

Go to the dealership and smack the crap out of the person who made lease. You can get a X3 for 540 a month lol. For a 228i that’s ridiculous. Which dealer is that in ct?
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Try BMW of Waterbury. They have nice deals. When I inquired about a X3 about a two ago they told me 468 4301 due at signing for a X3.

Throwing numbers out like this is meaningless and counter-productive. What was the MSRP? Discount? Rebates? Taxes, etc.?

Msrp 50,000
Selling price 44,500
Residual 55%
Drive off 4301( NYC taxes CT fees and first month)
468 a month.
Was given 0 rebates. Didn’t qualify for anything.

What’s the MF?

NYC taxes of 8.875% come out to ~$1,500 and CT reg is not that high so what’s the rest?

Ny Reg is 275. First month is 468. The bank fee. Dealer fees aren’t capped in CT. I didn’t get the car. So I don’t have the rest. The MF wasn’t marked up. It was the July MF

Ok so do everyone a favor and don’t go around throwing out monthly payments and DAS without knowing what the deal actually is.

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